Billboard Awards- My 1 Year Anniversary!!

Updated 11:46pm 5/22****I got 8 out of 36 predictions correct….. I am judging myself…. Im most proud of choosing the Top Latin Song correctly though!!  haha til next year!!!


Tonight will mark the 1 year anniversary of the launch of!!!  In May of 2015, I set my sights on writing my first blog post about the Billboard Music Awards and ever since I’ve been writing, commenting, and posting about various things in Pop Culture.  Anybody who knows me knows I am a lover of all things music…. I cant get enough of music award shows so tonight right up my alley.  And the fact it marks 1 year of this new journey is even more exciting!!!

Top Artist: Wrong again
Adele                Justin Bieber                  Drake            Taylor Swift              The Weeknd

Top New Artist: FINALLY I GOT 1 RIGHT!!!
Fetty Wap           OMI         Charlie Puth                  Silentó                    Bryson Tiller

Top Male Artist:  Damn… mixed it up with The Weeknd.. But I stand behind both picks
Justin Bieber             Drake                    Fetty Wap                    Ed Sheeran                   The Weeknd

Top Female Artist:  I really think Selena had a stand out year… shrug
Adele           Selena Gomez                     Ariana Grande                  Rihanna                  Taylor Swift

Top Duo/Group:
Maroon 5              One Direction          twenty one pilots              The Rolling Stones           U2

Top Billboard 200 Artist:
Adele            Justin Bieber                 Drake                     Taylor Swift                       The Weeknd

Top Hot 100 Artist: I can get with this even though I was wrong
Justin Bieber
               Drake               Fetty Wap                  Taylor Swift                      The Weeknd

Top Song Sales Artist: #2 right!
Adele               Justin Bieber                 Drake                        Fetty Wap                      The Weeknd

Top Radio Songs Artist:
Justin Bieber                Ellie Goulding              Ed Sheeran            Taylor Swift         The Weeknd

Top Streaming Songs Artist:
Justin Bieber                 Drake                         Fetty Wap                 Silentó                  The Weeknd

Top Social Media Artist:
Justin Bieber               Selena Gomez               Ariana Grande          Demi Lovato      Taylor Swift

Top Touring Artist:
Madonna                       One Direction               The Rolling Stones               Taylor Swift          U2

Top R&B Artist:
Chris Brown                     Jeremih                   Rihanna              Bryson Tiller              The Weeknd

Top Rap Artist:
Drake            Fetty Wap                Future                Wiz Khalifa                        Silentó

Top Rock Artist: #3!!
Fall Out Boy                Elle King          twenty one pilots        Walk the Moon         X Ambassadors
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Prince Died-“R U Ok?”

It was 1:20pm on Thursday April 21, 2016 when I saw a text message notification on my phone.  I opened it and my brother had sent me a screenshot of this…..

I screamed out loud.  Mind you, I am a high school teacher and students were still in the classroom.  Here is how the immediate moments played out:

Me:  Drops phone on counter:: opens laptop and scrolls through my twitter @PopStyleBlog account
Student A:  “Are you ok?”
Me: Shakes head slowly as my mouth gaps open… mumbling to myself “Oh my gosh!”
Student B: “Ms. McKinnon are you ok?”
Me: Picks up cell phone and says under my breath “I have to text Khristi.”
Students: (Whispering) “I think she got bad news guys.”
Me: texting best friend Khristi-  “R u Ok?”
Student A:  “Ms. McKinnon what happened? Are u ok”



“What? Oh sorry guys. But Prince died!”

Students: “Who?”
Me: “Prince….. the singer!”
Students: “Oh… the old guy with the hair?”




RIP Prince Rogers Nelson.  The doves in heaven and earth  are crying for you.  (1958-2016) #PopStyle
~Ashlee Dawne

58th Annual Grammy Awards Tonight!!!

*THE ONES I GOT RIGHT ARE BOLDED!  I got 12 out of 20 correct!!!  I know my music!!

Hey PopStylers!!!  Tonight is the 58th Grammy Award Show!!  If you know me, then you know that the Grammys are my show!!  I LIVE for the MUSIC and the PERFORMERS and the ACTION of this show!! And of course my #1 artistic muse and boo thang Lady Gaga is performing and nominated so I am excited!!

Here are my predictions for some of the bigger categories winners and should be winners….. Granted I dont know some of the nominees in the categories (like Country, music for film) but that’s not gonna stop me from predicting a winner haha

1. RECORD OF THE YEAR:   Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars
2. ALBUM OF THE YEAR: This is a tough one because Ive recently gotten into “Sound and Color” by Alabama Shakes.  But Im gonna say the winner is “1989” by Taylor Swift
3. SONG OF THE YEAR:  “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar HANDS DOWN!!  This was the anthem of the summer and the anthem of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.  FTW!! I even posted about this back in June 2015….MusicCrushMonday- Kendrick Lamar June 2015
tori kelly

Tori Kelly…. a sincere, genuine, authentic artist with real talent… This what I wrote about her back in June 2015  
5.  BEST POP SOLO PERFORMANCE: “Thinking Out Loud” Ed Sheeran.  This video is gorgeous!!
6. BEST POP DUO/GROUP PERFORMANCE:  It comes down to 3 nominees in this category… I think Kendrick Lamar should be recognized for his duo with Taylor Swift, but it’ll probably go to Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth for “See You Again”…. can we say heart strings??  (MISS YOU Paul Walker!!)
7. BEST POP VOCAL ALBUM:  1989 by Taylor Swift

8. BEST DANCE RECORDING: Where Are Ü Now by Skrillex And Diplo With Justin Bieber


9. BEST ROCK PERFORMANCE: Don’t Wanna Fight by Alabama Shakes…. this group is growing on me strong

10. BEST ROCK ALBUM:  I like the sound of Muse… I’ll give it to Muse

11. BEST R&B PERFORMANCE: Rise Up by Andra Day is the epitome of what real R&B should sound like!!  Dear God please let her win this and reclaim R&B!!!
12. BEST URBAN CONTEMPORARY ALBUM: I love me some Canadian Weeknd…. so I choose Beauty Behind The Madness by The Weeknd  He was my Music Crush Monday post in July 2015
13. BEST R&B ALBUM: Jazmine Sullivan came back with a strong alum after years of being gone from music scene….
14. BEST RAP PERFORMANCE:  Even President Obama referenced these lyrics with his “pop off” comment….Back To Back  by Drake FTW!
15. BEST RAP/SUNG COLLABORATION:  I feel like I should say Glory, but Im gonna say “These Walls” instead… it’s a nice sound for Kendrick Lamar

16. BEST RAP SONG: Once again…. Alright by Kendrick Lamar FTW!!  Even though Trap Queen will never get old….

17. BEST RAP ALBUM:  THIS IS TOUGH!!!  3 way tie between Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar… sorry I cant choose!  (We sort of)
18. BEST COUNTRY DUO/GROUP PERFORMANCE: I dont know country music like that anymore… but I LOVE the song “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town… FTW!!!
87th Annual Academy Awards - Show

HOLLYWOOD, CA – FEBRUARY 22: Lady Gaga performs onstage during the 87th Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on February 22, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

19. BEST SONG WRITTEN FOR VISUAL MEDIA:  Ummm… this is my boo’s category…. so clearly Im voting for Lady Gaga because well…. she deserves it and she’s amazing and this song is about rape…. talent and an activist… visually captivating message and lyrically informing… FTW!!!  Til It Happens To You by Lady Gaga & Diane Warren, songwriters (Lady Gaga)

20. BEST MUSIC VIDEO: “Alright”  by Kendrick Lamar   Watch it!
Hope to see you on social media tonight… 8pm on CBS!!  And til next time…. Keep it #Popstyle!!!
~Ashlee Dawne
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Viral Video- Superfruit “Hip Hop Goes Broadway”

I love these 2 dudes videos!!  They are 2 of the 5 members of the group Pentatonix (an acapella group who got it’s initial fame from the show the Sing Off).  Pentatonix seriously has talent and their rendition os classic pop, hip hop, Star Wars scores, Christmas music, and original songs are uncontested!!  Check them out!!

Back to Superfruit…. they made Broadway versions of some of the most popular hip hop tracks of 2015 and they are super catchy!!  Im listing part 1 and part 2 of their videos because they are best when watched back to back!  My faves include:

Hip Hop Goes Broadway Part 1

“Pills and Potions” sounds like a real Broadway song!

Hip Hop Goes Broadway Part 2

“Hotline Bling”
Bobby Shrmurda- Lion King rendition on fleek!
“Blessed”- it’s now a ballad!!
“Energy”- better than the original version



I Dont Do Valentine’s Day- Feb. 2016

Hey PopStylers!!!  In the spirit of this day, I should say Happy Valentine’s Day…. but I don’t actually celebrate the holiday. (But I would if Channing Tatum asked me… whew yes LAWD!!)  Ever since I was little I was never really into the whole idea of Valentine’s Day.  Yes I cut out the heart shapes and gave my friends valentine cards from the dollar store.  And YES my father gave me a dozen roses EVERY single year and a stuffed animal (He still does actually and Im a grown woman!!)  My older brother is always the first one to call me and wish my Happy Valentine’s Day (now along with my nephew who called me this morning) and he even sent me flowers every year til I was out of graduate school.  So it’s not because I haven’t experienced “love” on this day before.  I just dont do Valentine’s Day so some reason.  What I usually do on this day is….

  1.  Buy myself something I want (perfume, new shoes,a bra)
  2. Wear a nice outfit that is NOT red, pink, purple, or white (too commercial)
  3. Cook a nice meal I’ve been wanting for a while (usually a pasta dish like Lasagna, Baked Ziti, or this year’s Shrimp and Spinach Fettuccine Alfredo)
  4. Listen to my   “I Don’t Do V-Day” music playlist. Some of the tracks are:
    1. “What’s Love Got to Do With It” by Tina Turner
    2. “Happy Valentine’s Day” by OutKast
    3. “Damaged” by Danity Kane
    4. “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi
    5. “So Sick” by Ne-Yo
    6. “Somebody to Love” by Queen
    7. “Love Yourself” by Justin Beiber

Celebrate love however and with whomever you would like.  As for myself… I Don’t Do V-Day.  Enjoy the tracks, listen, sing along, and save them for next year. And til next time keep it #PopStyle!!

~Ashlee Dawne
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#MusicCrushMonday- Oct. 12, 2015

Happy Indigenous People’s Day!!  Welcome to another edition of #MusicCrushMonday!!!  

This week, my shout out goes to a pop star who has been on the scene for a while.  I remember him becoming an #earworm via YouTube back in 2008-ish with the help of a mega R&B mentor.  His puberty falsetto voice and luscious healthy bangs enthralled the Pop Culture world and we swooned over his peppy, catchy, and sometimes irritating melodies and songs.  (But admit it… you sang those lyrics in your car like you were on the Teen Choice Awards!!)  Now 7 years later, this Pop “Baby” has grown into a Pop-Pre-Man (come on, we can’t really think he’s all grown up)…..  This week’s #MusicCrushMonday goes to………     JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!

justin bieber little

I chose Justin Bieber as my pick this week for a few reasons:

  1. justin bieber vma I was very happy to see him return to the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards this August after a 2 year hiatus!  He killed his performance of Where Are U Now and What Do You Mean?

  2. His new song “What Do You Mean?” has become a recent #earworm, as well as, the subject of my newly obsessive dance video in which 5 males are performing choreography to his song on none other than Self-Balancing Segways!!!  (if you have any desire to buy me one…. or donate to my #AirBoardBudget please contact me… Im serious tho!!)   Click on Video below to witness choreography greatness!!

3.  His leaked #NSFW photos were not that bad actually… I was pleasantly (and slightly ashamed that I was) surprised by the image…. Maybe Justin really is “growing”…. up.

Anyways, I am certainly looking forward to the new evolution and growth of Justin Bieber after his bad boy, immature years got the best of him and took him away rihanna shockfrom Pop music.  Now he is coming back and he has all of our attention…. both visually and audibly.   (Im still in a little shock over those pics- sorry).   Til next time, keep it #PopStyle

~Ashlee Dawne
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#MusicCrushMonday- Geto Boys (August 10, 2015)

Welcome to another week of #MusicCrushMonday where I bring you an artist/song that has recently become my #earworm.  This week I think I was influenced a little by the soon to be released film “Straight Outta Comptom,” which features the 90s hip-hop iconic group NWA.  This throwback to 90s hip-hop when “music was music” has been the subject of my music library lately.  Therefore, I name this week’s #MusicCrushMonday as…..

THE GETO BOYS (circa 1991)geto boys

Yep that’s right.  The Geto Boys are this week’s #PopStyle #MusicCrushMonday.  Better known for their hit “Mind Playin’ Tricks on Me” I was happily reminded of this group when I was watching the 90s cult movie classic “Office Space” (please Netflix this if you haven’t seen it already- it’s hilarious!)  In the movie, the Geto Boys have about 3 songs on the soundtrack that play oh so perfectly with the situational humor of the main characters Peter, Michael, and Samir.  The thing that makes the Geto Boys chilled vibed street reference filled rap lyrics so catching is that they seamlessly fit into everyday suburban and urban life, as evident in the movie.  In the clip below, you will see Peter (under the influence of hypnosis) begin his journey of complacency and “I don’t give 2 cares” about my job as the Geto Boys song “Damn, it feels good to be a Gangsta” plays ever so gently in the background, perfectly framing how every mid-level corporate employee feels on dress down Fridays.

Office Space clip: Geto Boys “Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta.”

Enjoy the throwback feel of today’s #MusicCrushMonday.  And remember…. you too can feel like a Gangsta.  Till next time… Keep it #PopStyle

~Ashlee Dawne
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#MCM: Music Crush Monday- June 1st

Welcome to my new weekly post for Music Crush Monday (#MCM).  Every monday I will be sharing with you my newest music obsession- song, artist, video, concert, etc.  Let’s get into it!  This week my #MCM goes to…..

Janelle Monae’s new hit song of the summer “Yoga!”

This song has everything….. sultry bass line, carefree chorus (I wanna dance, wanna dance all night), sexual innuendos in the lyrics, twerk-worthy tempo, and a metro sexual hip hop newcomer named Jidenna.  Now I’m no yoga buff, but I do know that you need flexibility, stamina, and an key understanding of your body.  According to Janelle’s lyrics…. you can get all that just by listening to the song:

Flexing like a yogi, drop it down with your hands up
Do a handstand, bend it back, put your legs up
I ain’t got no worries, I’m my own private dancer
My own private dancer

Welp….. with “Yoga” being the new summer jam and latest summer fitness craze… we are all sure to be our own, and maybe someone else’s, private dancer.  So in the words of Janelle…..

Baby bend over, let me see you do that yoga
Baby bend over, baby bend over
Let yo booty do that yoga!

Happy Summer Jamming!!   #PopStyle #MCM
-A.D. Mack