HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY GAGA!! 8 reasons you are my inspiration!!

TODAY IS THE ONE, THE ONLY LADY GAGA’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  The Queen of Pop, the Mother of Monsters, the ArtPop Innovator herself is turning the big 3-0!!  First let me start gaga venusby wishing my artistic muse and inspiration a happy happy and blessed birthday today!!

As many of you know, I am a huge Lady Gaga fan, follower, lover, advocate, and all around stan…. like a big one!!!  I own so many t-shirts with her face on it, my students and coworkers think I’m a walking cliche!!  I go off on tangents with family, friends, coworkers, students, and strangers on just how wonderful she is and what she means to me.  I cant help myself!!  I’m a Little Monster to the core (the name of her fans) and I AM PROUD OF IT!!!  So in honor of her birthday today…. I want to list 8 reasons why I love her so much. This will certainly answer the question “Why do you like her so much?”87th Annual Academy Awards - Show

  1. Getting technical training in your art form is necessary….. Gaga studied voice and piano at NYU and continues to use her training to confound the foolish…. As a dance
    r, some people don’t see the validity to traditional training… it builds our foundation as artists!!
  2. Family support for your artistic decisions are necessary…. I am very close with my family and as much headache and confusion I’m sure I’ve put them through pursuing dance in college and refusing to find a career path that did not involve it (even to this day), I appreciate them so much for supporting my artistic journey.
  3. Using yourself as motivation is enough…. She was quoted in Rolling Stone magazine in 2010 as saying “When I wake up in the morning, I feel like any other insecure 24-year-old girl. Then I say,’Bitch, you’re Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.”  If a super star like her can look within herself to draw motivation for the day. then surely I am good enough to draw motivation from myself too.
  4. She uses her passion and calling to help others…. As a teacher, I know I am called to help the younger generation, to expose them new experiences, ways of thinking, perspective, challenges, and triumphs.  As a dance teacher, I use my passion and art to make that happen.  I may not have a foundation like the Born This Way Foundation, but I definitely know that my art and calling is not just for me.
  5. Lady Gaga is not afraid to take risks…. I was the spontaneous child who would do anything for the thrill of it.  I lived life like I did not have any limitations or restrictions.  The more structured I became, the more confined I felt.  I need to take risks to feel free… to feel like me.lady gaga
  6. She’s not afraid to show the world another side of her… Many people, especially in the past year, have felt Gaga is “moving away from” or “shedding” her old self to be more refined and classy.  But that’s not true!  She’s simply showing the world another side of herself that they refused to see before… I want to keep the world guessing… I want to keep revealing new levels, aspects, and depths to who I am… There is more to me than what you see.
  7. Lady Gaga speaks her truth, whether it’s accepted and or not…. One thing I admire the most about her is that she speaks from her experiences and her experiences only.  She does not try to emulate others or claim others’ stories… she uses her own feelings, stories, memories, experiences, etc to tell her story.  I admire her vulnerability to be that open and free so thhttp://gagaimages.orgat others may hear her truth.
  8. She’s unapologetically secure in the fact that she is supposed to be her EXACTLY THE WAY SHE IS!!!  Many times I think to myself “I’m awesome”  and I mean it.  I am!!  My parents raised me to feel confident and secure and instilled in me a mindset that I can do ANYTHING that I believe I can or should do.  To see someone else live out that persona of being “Unapologetically Me” is inspirational, motivated, and confirms that I too should continue to be no one else than Ashlee!

There is plenty more I could write but it would turn into a book. HAHA  So until next time…. keep it #PopStyle.  AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY GAGA!!!!

~Ashlee Dawne
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I DONT DO SCARY!! So why I am tuning back in tonight for American Horror Story?

So last week I watched the premiere episode of Season of 5 of American Horror Story: Hotel.  This was the first time that I have EVER watched an episode of the American cult classic amongst TV viewers.  I had always heard of the show but never actually ventured to watch it because… well… Im scared of all this horror like.  SERIOUSLY!!  I dont even look at the commercials for scary movies, especially if I see them by myself, in my house, and its dark outside!  I cant even watch Law and Order SVU, and certainly not Criminal Minds, once nightfall has happened!  My imagination is way too big, way too expansive, and way too independent to have that much extra visual and sensory stimulation from outside sources!!   Granted, I do love a good Halloween party (and the movie Hocus Pocus), but not all that evil clown, possessed dolls, ghost story telling, seance mess.  I DONT DO SCARY!!  I remember having to close my eyes and run past the living room when I was a child so I could avoid seeing and envisioning the scary demon from Tales of the Crypt (a show that my brother and father watched religiously)!  Whew!

lady-gaga-ahs-hotel-gloveSo with all that said, I am still watching the next episode tonight at 10:00pm on FX.  Why you may ask?  Because of the following 5 reasons:

  1. Lady Gaga, my artistic and creative muse who gives me on a daily basis, plays the Countess this season and she is the most flawless vampire EVER!!!  I would voluntarily give her my blood to drink if she asked me…. just saying
  2. Matt Bomer, her vampire lover, has got the sexiest blue eyes and “a matt bomerjawline for days.”  YAASS HUNTY!!   (No, I dont care that he doesn’t play for my team).
  3. The story line for the Hotel Cortez is quite intriguing…. the tag line is “You can check in, but you can never really check out.”
  4. The little ghost children who keep running through the hall ways….. umm.. where are their parents?
  5. The bald headed employee of the Hotel C05-denis-ohare-ahs.nocrop.w529.h378ortez who flawlessly walks down the hallway in his lavish garb and wear…. Fashion for the Gawds!!

So join me tonight as I watch episode 2 of American Horror Story: Hotel.  Im sure I will be staying up even later after its over to calm my nerves and turn off my imagination!

~Ashlee Dawne
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