HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY GAGA!! 8 reasons you are my inspiration!!

TODAY IS THE ONE, THE ONLY LADY GAGA’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  The Queen of Pop, the Mother of Monsters, the ArtPop Innovator herself is turning the big 3-0!!  First let me start gaga venusby wishing my artistic muse and inspiration a happy happy and blessed birthday today!!

As many of you know, I am a huge Lady Gaga fan, follower, lover, advocate, and all around stan…. like a big one!!!  I own so many t-shirts with her face on it, my students and coworkers think I’m a walking cliche!!  I go off on tangents with family, friends, coworkers, students, and strangers on just how wonderful she is and what she means to me.  I cant help myself!!  I’m a Little Monster to the core (the name of her fans) and I AM PROUD OF IT!!!  So in honor of her birthday today…. I want to list 8 reasons why I love her so much. This will certainly answer the question “Why do you like her so much?”87th Annual Academy Awards - Show

  1. Getting technical training in your art form is necessary….. Gaga studied voice and piano at NYU and continues to use her training to confound the foolish…. As a dance
    r, some people don’t see the validity to traditional training… it builds our foundation as artists!!
  2. Family support for your artistic decisions are necessary…. I am very close with my family and as much headache and confusion I’m sure I’ve put them through pursuing dance in college and refusing to find a career path that did not involve it (even to this day), I appreciate them so much for supporting my artistic journey.
  3. Using yourself as motivation is enough…. She was quoted in Rolling Stone magazine in 2010 as saying “When I wake up in the morning, I feel like any other insecure 24-year-old girl. Then I say,’Bitch, you’re Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.”  If a super star like her can look within herself to draw motivation for the day. then surely I am good enough to draw motivation from myself too.
  4. She uses her passion and calling to help others…. As a teacher, I know I am called to help the younger generation, to expose them new experiences, ways of thinking, perspective, challenges, and triumphs.  As a dance teacher, I use my passion and art to make that happen.  I may not have a foundation like the Born This Way Foundation, but I definitely know that my art and calling is not just for me.
  5. Lady Gaga is not afraid to take risks…. I was the spontaneous child who would do anything for the thrill of it.  I lived life like I did not have any limitations or restrictions.  The more structured I became, the more confined I felt.  I need to take risks to feel free… to feel like me.lady gaga
  6. She’s not afraid to show the world another side of her… Many people, especially in the past year, have felt Gaga is “moving away from” or “shedding” her old self to be more refined and classy.  But that’s not true!  She’s simply showing the world another side of herself that they refused to see before… I want to keep the world guessing… I want to keep revealing new levels, aspects, and depths to who I am… There is more to me than what you see.
  7. Lady Gaga speaks her truth, whether it’s accepted and or not…. One thing I admire the most about her is that she speaks from her experiences and her experiences only.  She does not try to emulate others or claim others’ stories… she uses her own feelings, stories, memories, experiences, etc to tell her story.  I admire her vulnerability to be that open and free so thhttp://gagaimages.orgat others may hear her truth.
  8. She’s unapologetically secure in the fact that she is supposed to be her EXACTLY THE WAY SHE IS!!!  Many times I think to myself “I’m awesome”  and I mean it.  I am!!  My parents raised me to feel confident and secure and instilled in me a mindset that I can do ANYTHING that I believe I can or should do.  To see someone else live out that persona of being “Unapologetically Me” is inspirational, motivated, and confirms that I too should continue to be no one else than Ashlee!

There is plenty more I could write but it would turn into a book. HAHA  So until next time…. keep it #PopStyle.  AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY GAGA!!!!

~Ashlee Dawne
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Kanye-isms for Positive Purpose- My Birthday Post!!

I celebrated my Birthday last weekend (shout out to the Pisces!!) It was a fabulous week long celebration with my family and friends from music to dinner to surprise parties and a vacation to Miami!! Now that I’m a year older, I want to make sure I begin it with positivity, purpose, and of course pop culture…. so I looked for some affirmations from the most confident pop culture character ever….. Mr. Kanye West!!!

With all his pearls of wisdom, diamonds of knowledge, and rubies of wonderings, I’m guaranteed to live this new year with positive purpose. Enjoy my new mantras and til next time.. keep it #PopStyle #Kanye

1) “I always feel like I can do anything. That’s the main thing people are controlled by. They’re slow down by the perception themselves. I was taught I could do everything.” (2013)

2) You won’t always agree with me but I’m gon always be me. I’m woke! (2016)

3) I promise I’m going to make the world dope…. all I do is make shit dope #facts (2016)

4) (2013)


5) There is so much positive energy right now …  Let’s stay on this Ultra Light Beam (2016)

6) (2013)


7) I’m happy and free and proud and confident. I’m not crazy. I’m free (2016)

~Ashlee Dawne
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Rihanna-CFDA-1TODAY IS RIHANNA’S BIRTHDAY!!!! The Barbados princess is kicking off Pisces Season in the world Of Pop Culture (may I add that I too am a Pisces…. Feb. 27th!!!) Anyways, in honor of the Queen of Ratchet Sophistication and the Leader of the “Free of F*cks” world, I am posting my album review of “ANTI” the latest musical endeavor that dropped a few weeks ago.

Let me start by saying…… CONGRATULATIONS RIRI!!! YOU MADE US WAIT FOR AN ETERNITY TO GET NEW MUSIC AND WHEN IT DROPPED, WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! Seriously!! After the months of rumors and supposed leaks and waiting for those rooms to unlock in her app, we FINALLY hear “ANTI” and it is not everything…. But instead MORE than what we expected!! Here’s why it has become my daily #Earworm for choreographing, cooking, planning lessons for school, eating, and late night romps.

  1. My 5 Favorite songs of the album are:
    1. “Woo”HANDS DOWN!!!! Favorite favorite favorite!! This ish is on RPEAT!! I imagine myself in a dark room with some lava lamps, with some dark liquid in a glass, sitting in an oversized black chair, surrounded by a cloud of hazy smoke and incense… I have so many feels with this song I cant contain in all in writing!
    2. “Love on the Brain”– RiRi got some voice lessons ya’ll and it’s showing on this song! She has a doo-wop, Prince-esque, old school love song feeling to it with the guitar strings being more melodic and her voice being less sultry and more palpable (soft/vulnerable). I’ve actually choreographed a dance to this already and it is a heart wrencher!!
    3. “Needed Me”– When I hear this, I can’t tell if you I’m singing this song to someone in particular or if I am the subject matter of this song (I hope not). Either way I am pointing my index finger strongly in front of me during the whole chorus!! IM TALKING TO YOU PUNK!! (sorry I had a moment)
    4. “Kiss It Better”– Rihanna perfectly mixes vulnerability, heartache, humanity, and sexual energy in this song. If I had an ex who I wanted to take a 2nd chance with, I would play this song right before we met up to “talk.”
    5. “Work”– Well hello there start of summer!! It’s snowy and chilly and cold here on the east coast but I can imagine the pool parties already! And I’m ready for them! This song is even CLEAN, so it can be played for all ages and at backyard barbecues. The clip shown is exactly how I plan to dance at these events too!
  1. RIHANNA IS SINGING MOST OF THIS ALBUM– and she sounds like she’s grown! I’m happy to hear her push through her range, develop better control of her chords, and use more breathe to carry her through high notes in the main 3 ballads of the album… Never Ending, Love on The Brain, and Close to You showcase this artistry growth well.
  2. Choreographically, I can develop an entire production around the themes of her songs on this album. And as a dance teacher of high school students, I am appreciative of this creativity expression that provides such visually captivating and inspiring ideas.
  3. rihanna headphonesNO SKIPS ON THIS ALBUM!!  EVERY SINGLE SONG IS WORTH LISTENING TO!! Her ½ singing, ¼ rapping, ¼ talking at someone specific lyrics, catchy beats, and story telling skills keep you intrigued. I can listen to “ANTI” all the way through without any skips (expect Higher- I don’t necessarily wanna hear that song, but I could listen to it). You can play this in the background while you do just about any activity….. cooking dinner, getting ready for bed, doing work, cleaning the house, stretching, meeting up with a DM, late night rendezvous, etc. THIS ALBUM HAS NO SKIPS!
  4. And lastly, the reason you should listen to this album is because it clearly shows Rihanna’s growth as an artist and the power she has to get and captivate an audience with very little fanfare and over the top entertainment. The only real “banger” she has is “Work” and the rest have a dark, sultry, steamy, chill vibe to them. Nothing overly in your face, but definitely enough to get your attention, make you want more, and keep feigning for it long after she’s move on the next project. ANTI will keep you coming back for more!

So once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIHANNA!!! Thank you for taking bold, courageous, non-f*ck giving, creative, and expressive risks in fashion, female empowerment, sexuality, and of course music. PopStyleBlog salutes you as an honored member of your #Navy.

Til next time, keep it #PopStyle!

~Ashlee Dawne
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An Ode to Artistry: Grammy Night Recap- 2016

This year’s Grammys were alot less fanfare than usual.  Granted there were twice as many performances as there were awards actually handed out…. but the level of artistry was so on point this year, rather than the hype of entertainment which plagues and runs the music industry nowadays.

As a self proclaimed lover of pop music and pop culture, I am not above a good time!  I love being entertained and hate when I dont get that “YYYAAAAASSSSS” feeling when something is going on.  But as an artist (#dancerlife), I love to see art do its magic.  Art is its most beautiful, pure, and poignant self when it just speaks from within.  Langston Hughes said “An artist must be free to choose what he does, certainly, but he must also never be afraid to do what he might choose.”  This quote sums up the many different performances and tributes that were done on the Grammy Stage last night. My top 5 are….

  1. alabama-shakes-glasses102-13 Alabama Shakes “Don’t Wanna Fight”  A bluesy, soulful, southern Rock group.
    They won Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song, and Best Alternative Music Album…. Check out “Sound and Color” please!!
  2. Kendrick Lamar’s performance- Africa is Compton!!
    K Dot ripped into the ear drums and retinas of America with his passionately charged rendition of Blacker the Berry, Alright, and To Pimp a Bukendrick-lamar-grammys-performancetterfly.  He visually captivated the audience in the room and at home with his unapologetically Black references (Prison pipeline, African Dance).  He also took home Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, Best Music Video with Taylor Swift, and Best Rap Album
  3. Lady Gaga’s tribute to the legendary David Bowiegaga as bowie
    She didn’t present and she lost the 1 category she was nominated in… but she really only came to the Grammy’s tonight to honor one of her musical icons Mr. David Bowie.  She was the ONLY person who would able to pull off such a tribute with such honesty, authenticity, and integrity.  Infusing fashion, dance, technology, graphics, and more, Lady Gaga seared the memory of David Bowie into all of our minds.  Gaga, Bowie would be proud- We Salute You.
  4. Tori Kelly and James Bay– Two Best New Artists Nominees with Timeless Talent.  These 2 nominees sang together in their performance- 2 microphones, 2 acoustic guitars, 2 voices….1 soon to be (fingers crossed) duet album!!  Take a listen below and prepared to be amazed…
  5. Andra Day-  The Voice of an Angel andra day
    Andra shared the stage with Ellie Golding, which honestly she should not have had to do.  Andra outshined Ellie in every way…. presence, range, power, passion, ability to touch the heart and inspire.  Andra Day is a voice not to fall on deaf ears.  Listen to the performance as it will pierce your eardrum and run straight to your heart.


    That’s it for this year’s Grammy Awards!  Hope you enjoyed the artistry, messages, and return to musicianship.  And til next time, keep it #PopStyle!!!

~Ashlee Dawne
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58th Annual Grammy Awards Tonight!!!

*THE ONES I GOT RIGHT ARE BOLDED!  I got 12 out of 20 correct!!!  I know my music!!

Hey PopStylers!!!  Tonight is the 58th Grammy Award Show!!  If you know me, then you know that the Grammys are my show!!  I LIVE for the MUSIC and the PERFORMERS and the ACTION of this show!! And of course my #1 artistic muse and boo thang Lady Gaga is performing and nominated so I am excited!!

Here are my predictions for some of the bigger categories winners and should be winners….. Granted I dont know some of the nominees in the categories (like Country, music for film) but that’s not gonna stop me from predicting a winner haha

1. RECORD OF THE YEAR:   Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars
2. ALBUM OF THE YEAR: This is a tough one because Ive recently gotten into “Sound and Color” by Alabama Shakes.  But Im gonna say the winner is “1989” by Taylor Swift
3. SONG OF THE YEAR:  “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar HANDS DOWN!!  This was the anthem of the summer and the anthem of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.  FTW!! I even posted about this back in June 2015….MusicCrushMonday- Kendrick Lamar June 2015
tori kelly

Tori Kelly…. a sincere, genuine, authentic artist with real talent… This what I wrote about her back in June 2015  
5.  BEST POP SOLO PERFORMANCE: “Thinking Out Loud” Ed Sheeran.  This video is gorgeous!!
6. BEST POP DUO/GROUP PERFORMANCE:  It comes down to 3 nominees in this category… I think Kendrick Lamar should be recognized for his duo with Taylor Swift, but it’ll probably go to Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth for “See You Again”…. can we say heart strings??  (MISS YOU Paul Walker!!)
7. BEST POP VOCAL ALBUM:  1989 by Taylor Swift

8. BEST DANCE RECORDING: Where Are Ü Now by Skrillex And Diplo With Justin Bieber


9. BEST ROCK PERFORMANCE: Don’t Wanna Fight by Alabama Shakes…. this group is growing on me strong

10. BEST ROCK ALBUM:  I like the sound of Muse… I’ll give it to Muse

11. BEST R&B PERFORMANCE: Rise Up by Andra Day is the epitome of what real R&B should sound like!!  Dear God please let her win this and reclaim R&B!!!
12. BEST URBAN CONTEMPORARY ALBUM: I love me some Canadian Weeknd…. so I choose Beauty Behind The Madness by The Weeknd  He was my Music Crush Monday post in July 2015
13. BEST R&B ALBUM: Jazmine Sullivan came back with a strong alum after years of being gone from music scene….
14. BEST RAP PERFORMANCE:  Even President Obama referenced these lyrics with his “pop off” comment….Back To Back  by Drake FTW!
15. BEST RAP/SUNG COLLABORATION:  I feel like I should say Glory, but Im gonna say “These Walls” instead… it’s a nice sound for Kendrick Lamar

16. BEST RAP SONG: Once again…. Alright by Kendrick Lamar FTW!!  Even though Trap Queen will never get old….

17. BEST RAP ALBUM:  THIS IS TOUGH!!!  3 way tie between Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar… sorry I cant choose!  (We sort of)
18. BEST COUNTRY DUO/GROUP PERFORMANCE: I dont know country music like that anymore… but I LOVE the song “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town… FTW!!!
87th Annual Academy Awards - Show

HOLLYWOOD, CA – FEBRUARY 22: Lady Gaga performs onstage during the 87th Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on February 22, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

19. BEST SONG WRITTEN FOR VISUAL MEDIA:  Ummm… this is my boo’s category…. so clearly Im voting for Lady Gaga because well…. she deserves it and she’s amazing and this song is about rape…. talent and an activist… visually captivating message and lyrically informing… FTW!!!  Til It Happens To You by Lady Gaga & Diane Warren, songwriters (Lady Gaga)

20. BEST MUSIC VIDEO: “Alright”  by Kendrick Lamar   Watch it!
Hope to see you on social media tonight… 8pm on CBS!!  And til next time…. Keep it #Popstyle!!!
~Ashlee Dawne
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Viral Video- Superfruit “Hip Hop Goes Broadway”

I love these 2 dudes videos!!  They are 2 of the 5 members of the group Pentatonix (an acapella group who got it’s initial fame from the show the Sing Off).  Pentatonix seriously has talent and their rendition os classic pop, hip hop, Star Wars scores, Christmas music, and original songs are uncontested!!  Check them out!!

Back to Superfruit…. they made Broadway versions of some of the most popular hip hop tracks of 2015 and they are super catchy!!  Im listing part 1 and part 2 of their videos because they are best when watched back to back!  My faves include:

Hip Hop Goes Broadway Part 1

“Pills and Potions” sounds like a real Broadway song!

Hip Hop Goes Broadway Part 2

“Hotline Bling”
Bobby Shrmurda- Lion King rendition on fleek!
“Blessed”- it’s now a ballad!!
“Energy”- better than the original version



I Dont Do Valentine’s Day- Feb. 2016

Hey PopStylers!!!  In the spirit of this day, I should say Happy Valentine’s Day…. but I don’t actually celebrate the holiday. (But I would if Channing Tatum asked me… whew yes LAWD!!)  Ever since I was little I was never really into the whole idea of Valentine’s Day.  Yes I cut out the heart shapes and gave my friends valentine cards from the dollar store.  And YES my father gave me a dozen roses EVERY single year and a stuffed animal (He still does actually and Im a grown woman!!)  My older brother is always the first one to call me and wish my Happy Valentine’s Day (now along with my nephew who called me this morning) and he even sent me flowers every year til I was out of graduate school.  So it’s not because I haven’t experienced “love” on this day before.  I just dont do Valentine’s Day so some reason.  What I usually do on this day is….

  1.  Buy myself something I want (perfume, new shoes,a bra)
  2. Wear a nice outfit that is NOT red, pink, purple, or white (too commercial)
  3. Cook a nice meal I’ve been wanting for a while (usually a pasta dish like Lasagna, Baked Ziti, or this year’s Shrimp and Spinach Fettuccine Alfredo)
  4. Listen to my   “I Don’t Do V-Day” music playlist. Some of the tracks are:
    1. “What’s Love Got to Do With It” by Tina Turner
    2. “Happy Valentine’s Day” by OutKast
    3. “Damaged” by Danity Kane
    4. “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi
    5. “So Sick” by Ne-Yo
    6. “Somebody to Love” by Queen
    7. “Love Yourself” by Justin Beiber

Celebrate love however and with whomever you would like.  As for myself… I Don’t Do V-Day.  Enjoy the tracks, listen, sing along, and save them for next year. And til next time keep it #PopStyle!!

~Ashlee Dawne
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The Youth of IABD- Dance On!!!

** Featured Image from Ballet Afrique Contemporary Dance company in Austin, Texas**
This past week I attended the International Association of Blacks in Dance conference (IABD). It’s 4 days of taking master classes, listening to panel discussions about various topics by legeIABD_W-BGnds and greats in the dance world, seeing performances by professionals and youth companies, and being saturated with the essence of dance and movement from your peers, colleagues, mentors, teachers, and legends.

Thursday night was the first performance of the event by various youth ensembles around the country. Some of these ensembles are the academies or schools to professional dance companies like Lula Washington Dance Theater, Dallas Black Dance Theater, Divine Dance Institute, and Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater. Others were middle and high schools that concentrated on the arts or had a major in dance such as Duke Ellington School of the Arts and Lewis Cass Technical High School. As someone who has been dancing since the age of 3, AND someone who currently teaches dance in a DC charter high school, AND dances professionally with a modern dance company, AND someone who cannot identify myself separate from the art of dance, I was more than overwhelmed, inspired, and hopeful to see the youth of dance on that stage.

All of the performances were executed impeccably. Young dancers of today are stronger, more technically sound, more experiential, more willing, and more hungry to challenge, test, and prove themselves than ever before. Students were performing movement that I only learned to do within the past 3 years!! Their flexibility made my hips begin to hurt just watching it! As much as I wanted to be jealous of their technique, or reminisce about my own dance training as a child, I had to stop myself and look at not only what they were bringing to the table currently, but also what their technical and performing skills would bring to the world of dance in the future. These kids are the future of dance… and it is promising!

What struck me most about their performance was not their high jumps; not their multiple turning sequences; not their amazing athleticism (which I thrive on as a dancer); and not their physical stamina to complete such feats with grace and ease. Instead, it was their commitment and dedication to be so immersed in this art form that I love so much that they would dedicate hours of training, make sacrifices from their social life, travel across the country to be apart of this conference, and meld it with their academic journey in middle and high school. Dance does not have to be done within a vacuum. Dance should not be done within a 2016_IABDvacuum. It should be learned, experienced, and witnessed by everyone! And most importantly, all youth should have the opportunity to be exposed to it at its purest form.   When young people are exposed to the art of dance, then the future of dance not only is guaranteed to continue, but it is guaranteed to evolve and grow. This is what makes it so exciting to witness youth perform dance. The youth of dance make it possible for dance to continue and reinvent itself so it will always live on!!

For this reason I believe that the youth ensemble performance at the International Association of Blacks in Dance was the most uplifting and inspiring moment of the conference for me. Sure I got to sit in on panels and listen to speakers, and see professionals perform, and take master classes myself, and learn from legends and master teachers, and audition for professional companies….. but NOTHING will beat seeing the future of dance right before my very eyes. Nothing will overshadow the feeling of hope I have for the art of dance by seeing these young people perform it with such rigor, dedication, skill, and passion.

To know that even when I am done with my work in dance, that the art of dance will still live on……. That is enough for me to continue to dance on. To dance on in my training… To dance on in my teaching… To dance on with my students…. To dance on in life. Thank you IABD youth for inspiring me to dance on!!  #IABD #PopStyle #DanceisLife #Dance

~Ashlee Dawne
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My Golden Globe Choice Nominees


The 73rd Golden Globe’s will airs tonight!! As an avid award show fan I will most definitely be watching. But as a seldom movie-goer I really don’t know the nominees very well. So I can’t actually react and comment on the winners and losers as much as I would for a music award show. 😦  BUT I can send my good luck wishes to certain nominees whom I just personally like….

1) To Lady Gaga for her nomination of Best Performance by an Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture made for television (American Horror Story: Hotel).


Gaga has captivated my attention this season…. Immersing herself in the Countess character and truly making me wish I was a flawlessly aging vampire who can scare, seduce, and entrance you all with the same look.

2) To Leonardo DiCaprio for anything he is nominated for.


I have been rooting for Leo since Titanic so I just want him to win!! From Great Gatsby, Wolf of Wall Street, Gilbert Grape… He deserves a win!!!



To the movie Creed… Sylvester Stallone is nominated for best supporting actor.. but really I just want the film to get its due of credit for being brilliant.

4) To the TV show American Crime.


Gosh!! What I can say about this show? It’s captivating, intriguing, makes you think as a viewer, makes you question your own thoughts, and speak enormous amounts of truth about our society. And with outstanding acting, writing, and depth!!! Its nominated for Best Limited Series for TV, Best Supporting actress (Regina King), And best actress (Felicity Huffman). This show deserves all the publicity!!

Good luck to all my choice nominees!! And join me tomorrow at 8pm on NBC to watch the 73rd Golden Globe Award show. Til next time .. Keep it #PopStyle!

~ Ashlee Dawne
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The Year in Review- #PopStyle 2015

Well folks the New Year is upon us here in America.  HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of those around the world who have already celebrated!!  It’s been a great year in the world of #PopStyleBlog.com and I am very thankful for all the views, visits, shares, retweets, mentions, and likes.  As 2016 is on the near horizon, I want to review the top 10 #PopStyleMoments of 2015 that stuck out to me.  So without further ado…..

Top 10 #PopStyleMoments of 2015:

  1. Taylor Swift ruled the world…. literally… a world tour, video premieres, and all of her envious #SquadGoal pics on stage and at award shows.  #SwiftiesRiseUp
  2. Adele sang her way back into our ears even though she never left our hearts.  Her album #25 broke every record known the man and music… nobody can deny that
  3. Beyonce was silent…. and I was thankful for that…
  4. 2015 was not the year for Romance.  From Gwen/Gavin to Piggy/Kermit to Miranda/Blake, everlasting love just not in the cards for 2015.
  5. Kendrick Lamar brought back the essence of hip hop with “Alright”.  Finally a message with the music.. the way it was meant to be!
  6. Got Beef??  Drake/Meek Mills… Nicki/Miley… gotta love a good twitter smack down
  7. Black Twitter… if you don’t get it, you don’t get it.
  8. One Direction is no more.… its the end of an error ladies and gentlemen… Boy Bands are official on the decline.
  9. Celebrity kids.… How many times can we see a pic, video, vine, or meme of Riley Curry and North West??  They’re cute but come on….
  10. Highly anticipated video premieres.  Rihanna, Madonna, Nicki/Beyonce, Drake, etc all released videos that kept us teetering with the idea of paying $20 a month just to be the first to see them… no thanks

Til Next Year….. Keep it #PopStyle and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!  #2016

~Ashlee Dawne
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