I DONT DO SCARY!! So why I am tuning back in tonight for American Horror Story?

So last week I watched the premiere episode of Season of 5 of American Horror Story: Hotel.  This was the first time that I have EVER watched an episode of the American cult classic amongst TV viewers.  I had always heard of the show but never actually ventured to watch it because… well… Im scared of all this horror like.  SERIOUSLY!!  I dont even look at the commercials for scary movies, especially if I see them by myself, in my house, and its dark outside!  I cant even watch Law and Order SVU, and certainly not Criminal Minds, once nightfall has happened!  My imagination is way too big, way too expansive, and way too independent to have that much extra visual and sensory stimulation from outside sources!!   Granted, I do love a good Halloween party (and the movie Hocus Pocus), but not all that evil clown, possessed dolls, ghost story telling, seance mess.  I DONT DO SCARY!!  I remember having to close my eyes and run past the living room when I was a child so I could avoid seeing and envisioning the scary demon from Tales of the Crypt (a show that my brother and father watched religiously)!  Whew!

lady-gaga-ahs-hotel-gloveSo with all that said, I am still watching the next episode tonight at 10:00pm on FX.  Why you may ask?  Because of the following 5 reasons:

  1. Lady Gaga, my artistic and creative muse who gives me on a daily basis, plays the Countess this season and she is the most flawless vampire EVER!!!  I would voluntarily give her my blood to drink if she asked me…. just saying
  2. Matt Bomer, her vampire lover, has got the sexiest blue eyes and “a matt bomerjawline for days.”  YAASS HUNTY!!   (No, I dont care that he doesn’t play for my team).
  3. The story line for the Hotel Cortez is quite intriguing…. the tag line is “You can check in, but you can never really check out.”
  4. The little ghost children who keep running through the hall ways….. umm.. where are their parents?
  5. The bald headed employee of the Hotel C05-denis-ohare-ahs.nocrop.w529.h378ortez who flawlessly walks down the hallway in his lavish garb and wear…. Fashion for the Gawds!!

So join me tonight as I watch episode 2 of American Horror Story: Hotel.  Im sure I will be staying up even later after its over to calm my nerves and turn off my imagination!

~Ashlee Dawne
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My #FriendshipGoals with the Real Housewives of New York City- August 12, 2015

The season 7 finale of the Real Housewives of New York just aired.  I must say, I stopped watching the show when Bethenny Frankel left the show a couple seasons back, but now that she has returned I was all about getting to know the ladies of NY again.  And boy was this season an overwhelming dose of in your face, take it or leave it, this is who I am, smash and grab (or as Bethenny coined “drive by therapy” of fights, cries, makeups, parties, business ventures, a lesson in Girl Code, and #FriendshipGoals!!

In the end, all the ladies toasted glasses at Ramona Singer’s “New Beginnings Party” (basically an excuse to celebrate her soon to be divorce- cue the Taye Diggs voice from the movie Brown Sugar) in spite of their fights both before and during the party itself.  It’s true that these ladies can’t seem to stay made at each other for more than a week or so (1 episode in reality TV land)!  Maybe this is the ultimate pinnacle to reach in your #FriendshipGoals.  Where you can roll it off your back, and pick up from you left off before the crazy feuding, rumors, sleight of hand comments, disingenuous digs, and stream of tears come.

After watching this season of the Real Housewives of New York City, I found myself wondering “If I were on the show, who would I hang out with and who would I clash with?”  So I am going to break down my #FriendshipGoals for #RHONY.

bethenny-frankel-blog-headshotBethenny Frankel
Background:  The spit fire, tell it like TI is (southern talk for ya), brutal honestly, whirlwind tornado of the group.  She has had 2 divorces, a custody battle for her 4 year daughter, a thriving Skinnygirl brand, her own talk show, and spin off show.  She is newly returned to the cast after a long hiatus.

Our #FriendshipGoal:  Don’t ask for her advice unless you’re ready to listen because you know she will give it to you straight no chaser whether you ask for it or not because she loves you.  I would definitely be friends with Bethenny.  I am here for her!  Everything she does leaves me in side splitting tears, shock and awe embarrassment, or a little bit of both and I love it.  I would always invite her to my parties, bring her to the family barbecue, and definitely vacation.  She’s the type of friend who you know supports you and will help you get your “poop in a group” even if it feels like a drive by shooting to your ego and soul.  But deep down, she loves you and wants nothing but happiness for you.  She would be the “Ride or Die” of my group.

ramona-singer-blog-headshotRamona Singer
Background:  Ramona is a fast talking, wide eyed, business woman with True Faith Jewelry and a wine company.  She is currently going through a nasty divorce which has left her pretty floundering considering she was always o co-dependent on her husband.

Our #FriendshipGoal:  To have as little contact as possible in order for me to keep my sanity.  Ramona is like that friend you have that is needy and has to be the center of attention because they secretly have low self-esteem and finds it hard to stand on their own without the validation of others.  I am not that kind of person and can’t stand to spend tons of time around people like that.  So Ramona would be the “If nobody else is around” member of my group.

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Project Runway Season 14 Premiere Episode- “Bitter Sweet Critiques”

PROJECT RUNWAY IS BACK!!!!! projectrunway I LOVE me all of the fashion making, Mood fabric buying, shady diva dressmaking, faux pas blundering, and runway wowing that comes with every season of Project Runway.  I have been watching the show every year it has aired (including PR AllStars and Project Accessory) and have definitely let it influence my own perspective of fashion and the aesthetic that I dress in.  I like to call my style “Comfy yet Collected”- meaning well put together outfits that allow me to move freely and keep me looking professional.  Im a dance teacher people- so I need my leggings and boots to look suitable in the studio as well as happy hour.

Anyways, after watching tonight’s season premiere of Project Runway Season 14, I have to say my excitement began to wane just a little bit. (not much just a little bit).  From the initial preview of the 16 chosen designers, nobody stood out as a favorite or “wow” factor.  Granted #DesignerEdmond is cute and has tried out for the show every single season, while #DesignerAshley has the purple hair and ambition to change the plus size clothing world.  Also #DesignerMerlin seemed todesignerashley sing her way through her work process (annoying both the other designers and myself through the television), and #DesignerBlake was just way to full of himself saying to the judges “Im always a high score” (when he was most definitely in the bottom- as he should be.”  In the end, #DesignerAshley won the first challenge making a solid separates outfit that fit her model well.

But the real winner of tonight’s episode is the one and only Tim Gunn.  Tim serves as the mentor to the designers on the show and delivers each week’s challenge.  His critiques before the model fittings were a mix of bitter and sweet.  He was serving #realtalk to the designers and proving that nothing shabby is going to slide through this season.  Some of his best lines were:

“It’s like going on a long camping trip and not bringing any toothpaste or shampoo!” (referring to the 3 designers who did not bring any of their sewing materials with them… smh)
“Everyone in this workshop should be nervous!”
“Finish this as beautifully as you possibly can, because that’s all that’s going to save you. Wow.”
“A lot of you have a lump of coal up your rear ends.  You either need to get that
lump of coal out, or turn it into a diamond.” 

I will still be tuning into episode 2 next Thursday at 9pm on Lifetime, but I hope thtimgunne designers bring home a real win, rather than getting shown up their long term mentor.  Make It Work!!! 

Til next time… Keep it #PopStyle

~Ashlee Dawne