My Award Show Addiction

Show Grade: C-

The Billboard Music Awards are supposed to show the highlights of the music charts; -the Top of the Pops; -the Best of the Rest; the Cream of the Stream(ing). But this year’s show was lacking in charisma, follow throughs, and overall transitions to take it from the Number 2 spot, to the Number 1 spot. If you missed it, you didn’t miss much. So, I give you my top 10 #PopStyle Highlights of the Night:

Imagine Dragons’ most memorable onstage performance came in 2014 at the Grammys when they collaborated with Kendrick Lamar on their hit “Radioactive.” But this year, Imagine Dragons has outdone themselves at the BBMAs, paying tribute to the late Ben E. King by singing a sultry rendition of “Stand By Me.” Well I wasn’t standing, as I was merely glued to my couch, snug in a blanket, eyes closed, and dreaming of moonlit night under the stars on the beach. ALL THE FEELS AND ALL THE YAAASSES! This performance gave blue eyed soul in every way I didn’t know I was missing or needed. Thank you Imagine Dragons. Thank You.

2) Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video premiere
Its Taylor Swift people so do we expect anything less than greatness?!?!? Not only did she debut the music video at start off the BBMAs, but she did it with a star studded cast filled with her Squad. AND she did a remix with Kendrick Lamar! (Who says you can’t Pimp a Butterfly taylorsquadby promising crossover appeal to teenage white females?) Taylor’s video showed #GirlPower and once again made us wish for that fleeting dream we’ve all had at some point— to be part of her Swifty Squad! (#TaylorSquad)

3) Kanye- Oh Kanye #Swishkanye
Kanye took the stage to close the BBMAs (after being introduced by his sister in laws Kylie and Kendall while they were being booed- haha). The music for “All Day” began and the fire spewed from the sides of the stage setting a very dramatic beginning. And then….. it went silent… literally… SILENT!! Kanye’s set was basically muted due to extreme censoring. And on top of that, his set was basically unseen because of the all the smoke and pyrotechnics. So Kanye closed the show in darkness and silence. I bet that was preplanned to show all of us his creative genius at work #Swish

4) It’s Britney Bish!!Britney Spears
So I love me some Britney Spears! That’s my number1 boo from 1998! But I can’t stand anything about Iggy Iggy so I can only be but so excited about this collaboration on “Pretty Girls” and the performance in general. It was a lot of shiny nylon costumes with too much bubblegum and not enough pop. Iggy bounced around like she also does (probably worried about messing up her new chin implants and nose job), while Britney did sing a few notes like she was rehearsing for a school talent show and dancing she was scared to break her ankle. Now as I said… I LOVE ME SOME BRITNEY SPEARS!! So she can do no and never will do any wrong in my eyes. But it also wasn’t a whole lot of right. Shrug. Next time Brit. You got a residency at Planet Hollywood, and I’ll be there front row cheering you on like a champ. It’s Britney Bish!!

5) Waiting on Baited Breath, Mariah Carey takes the Stage
Mariah Carey hasn’t hit the BBMAs in over 17 years and she finally graces our presence with her star power (over 18 #1 hits) and that voice….. THAT VOICE!! Yes… that voice. The one we have ALL come to know and associate with the legendary songstress…. That voice. And by “That Voice” I mean the one where she struggles to hit her legendary hit notes, control her breath, and overall shows that this Star is fading in the bright lights of the Vegas Strip (oddly enough she just struck a Vegas residency at Caesar’s Palace). However, she did hit that last high note on her new song “Infinity” and when she did, the world cheered, the BBMA audience clapped, and Mariah dropped her mic as if to say “WHEW! That was close.” THANK YOU! GOOD NIGHT!

6) The Heart-Wrenching Paul Walker Tributepaul walker
Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth, and the electronic violinist genius Lindsey Stirling came together to perform the #1 hit “See You Again” from the Fast and Furious 7 soundtrack in honor of the late Paul Walker. As a fan of the Fast and Furious movie series, I was done as I sat on the couch and had all the feels. Our hearts melted, our voices sang, and our eyes cried. RIP Paul Walker, my blue eyed boyfriend.

7) Tori Kelly as Kia’s Artist One to Watch
Tori Kelly has been doing music for a few years now but she’s recently come into radio frietori kellyndly territory. She performed her hit “Nobody Love” as the Kia Artist One to Watch and she nailed it! Class, grace, strong voice, musicianship, acoustic set…. Tori Kelly presented herself strong, confident, and talented to the world. Many are sure to be watching. Be on the lookout for her upcoming album June 23rd (Soon to be #TaylorSquad)

8) Megan Trainor is more than just Bass and Lips
Grammy Award winner John Legend and now Billboard Award winner Megan Trainor (Congrats Megan) performed her hit “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” showing the music masses that she is more than just Bass and Lips. This girl has a powerful voice that if channeled right can definitely rival other songstresses of the day.

9) Sam Smith’s Acceptance Speech
Sam Smith could not attend the BBMAs because he just had surgery on his throat. But he was able to give a heartfelt acceptance speech and throw in a few jokes all through FaceTime and cue cards. Gotta love a singing man with a sense of humor. Could we love Sam anymore?? *swoon*

10) The Lion’s Den performs: EMPIRE Medley
So EMPIRE has been a pop culture phenomenon and the music from the show has sky rocketed on all charts, exceeding many people’s expectations. As a fan of the show and its music since Episode 1, I can’t get enough of the music. And to top it off, Estelle sang a duet with my new boo Jussie Smollett (Jamal) from her album called “Conqueror.” That song alone shows what is missing in mainstream music nowadays. Great job Empire! (Did I mention Serayah from Empire (Teyana) is part of the #TaylorSquad? See what I mean??)

So the BBMAs were a BUST in general but we did learn 3 major things:
• #TaylorSquad runs deep and if you’re not in the Squad you better hope to be (ahem.. Molly Ringwald)
• Performers who gave us something different than we expected shined (Tori Kelly, Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Megan Trainor)
• Kanye’s creative genius power will always keep us talking

Til next time!! Keep Pop in Style with #PopStyle!
-A.D. Mack

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