Hilarious Repost: Awesomely Luvvie #BLAXIT

In the wake of police involved shootings in Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas last veer kid, tension has been high between the #BlackLivesMatter supporters and the #AllLivesMatter supporters. Some of these tensions have even led to separations of friendships and family. But what would happen if Black people REALLY exited American society??? A blogger I love, Awesomely Luvvie, has penned this hilarious discussion about what would happen if there were a #BLAXIT (Black Exit). Enjoy this comic relief!!

#BLAXIT: More Things We’re Taking With Us If We Leave

Keep it #PopStyle
~Ashlee Dawne

#DadAdvice…lessons taught through #PapaPope words

My dad is by far the best living man I have ever known- he is the standard for which all men are judged.  Some people say we look alike, have the same facial expressions, mannerisms, and blunt honesty.  So in honor of my dad and Father’s Day, I am giving a shout out to my favorite #PopStyle father… the one and only Mr. Eli Pope from the hit TV show #Scandal!!  I have compared my father to #PapaPope since he first appeared on the show in 2013.  And through the use of gifs and pics, you will see the #DadAdvice taught to me by my father, yet eloquently put by #PapaPope….. Enjoy!

Dont Fight the Law:  I tried to go up against my dad one time when I was 16…. 1 time… 1 time!!  Let’s just say I tried to fight the law, my life flashed before me, and the law (my dad) definitely won. 

pape pope 2
A Little Fear Has Never Hurt Anyone:  When I saw this pivotal scene in Scandal season 3, I was 100% positive of 2 things: 1)  I have had this conversation with my dad in some way, shape, or form  2) I believed that is #PapaPope’s  could be the hell and the high water, then so could my father.     hell-or-high-waterMy brother and I have always said that we were not chastised by our parents a lot because we lived under a “healthy sense of fear.”  And as a grown woman living 2 states away from her parents, I still live under that “healthy sense of fear.”  

Work For it!!: My dad is the epitome of hard work (borderline workaholic).  But his relentless determination to simultaneously be in self-practice as a medical doctor for 32 years, a full time pastor fpapa pope 4or 16 years, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a support system to others, as well as, be a professional body builder, amateur landscape artist, tap dance learning, Muay Thai instructing, grill master, and all other endeavors he sets his mind to do is beyond motivating and inspiring. Continue reading

Viral Video!! Broadway Carpool Karaoke

The Tony Awards will air tonight at 8pm on CBS…. this is the Grammys of the Broadway/theater world and us artsy folks couldn’t be more excited!!  This year’s award show is setting a precedent because Hamilton has been nominated for an impressive 16 awards!!  And with that said, I want to share this viral video of James Corden doing his hilariously written skit of “Carpool Karaoke” with Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton, Audra McDonald, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Jane Krakowski sing showtunes, including “One Day More” from Les Miserables.

This is the best way to get in the mood for tonight’s show!!!  As a dancer myself, I love me some Broadway… maybe it’s the choreographic freedom, the lights, the flashy costumes, the extravagant makeup and scenery, or that the storyline comes to life with the movement on such a large stage…. GGGAAAAHHHHH!!  My heart is bursting with excitement right now!!  #PopStyle #TonyAwards #Hamilton #Broadway

~Ashlee Dawne
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How to Get Ready for a Beyonce Concert

Im going to the Beyonce #FormationWorldTour on tomorrow (Friday June 10th) in Baltimore at M&T Bank Stadium with my diva ace/sister Arica.  And when I tell you I am STOKED!!!  I have been thinking about this concert for weeks!  It has kept me going through the 2nd half of my school semester!  Im about to be all #Yonced out!!  So here’s how I’ve been getting ready…

  1. GLOAT!!:  I randomly found a way to slip it in casual conversation that Im going to a Beyonce concert. For example, one said conversation went like this:

           Coworker Friend: Im so mad I cant go to Beyonce friday
           Me: Girl that concert is about to be lit!!  Im so excited!!
           Coworker:  (eye roll) (side eye) (overall hate look)
           Me: Sorry girl.  It probably wont be that good.  But then again it probably will. Shrug

2.  Outfit Selection:  I have gone through multiple outfit scenarios in my mind and have even tried some on.  My sister has sent 4 possible outfits herself for review. Shoot I even spent 2 hours at the mall looking for which Yonce I wanted to be!!  Do I wanna be Party Yonce?  Diva Yonce? XO Yonce?  Partition Yonce? Hold Up Yonce? Halo Yonce? 7/11 Yonce? Formation Yonce?  AAAAAHAHHHHHH!!!

3.  #Earworms and #Eargams:  Beyonce’s music has been on repeat all day and will continue to be so for the 48 hours (yes this means after the concert is over.  That way I can relive the moments on stage)

4.  Bye Family Pics:  I am known for running out of space on phone for having too many videos and pictures.  BUT NOT THIS TIME!!  I am erasing EVERY photo that could be deemed replaceable, unnecessary, bad lighting, or have “aquaintances” in the pic rather than real friends.  Sorry Charlie…. you’re out.. Beyonce is in!

5.  Glamourize yourself:  This stage cant take place until the day of the concert because it includes your hair style, nail polish game, accessory selection, and final outfit touches.  I’ll keep you posted on this.

So for all of you going to the concert, or have been, or will be going…. LET’S GET IN FORMATION!!!!

~Ashlee Dawne
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#MusicCrushAlert: Latin Listens

Hey Hey PopStylers!!  I have been a little absent on the music front lately but this summer I plan on making my #MusicCrushAlert more consistent.  Last year around this time I dropped my first #MusicCrushMonday for Janelle Monae for her song of the Summer “Yoga.”   And today Im dropping my list of Latin Faves for #Summer16!!

I’ve been on a Latin music kick for a couple week now and I just cant shake!  Maybe it’s the bright sun, the start of summer, the desire to eat Tacos, the need to be on a beach, or the exuberant flood of memories it brings from my birthday weekend in Miami (see my Bday lessons from Kanye here)…. either way I love me some Latin music right now… and NO! I dont speak Spanish.  I know maybe 10 words.. and the rest I make up as I go along LOL.  So here are my top 6 Latin Listens for #Summer16… ENJOY!!!

  1. Marc Anthony “Vivir Mi Vida” (2013)MY NUMBER ONE LATIN JAM RIGHT NOW!!  It just makes me want to be on speedboat in the Caribbean with the wind my hair toasting to the love of life!!


2. Romeo Santos- “Odio” (2014)–  I love me some Bachata sound.  As a dancer I love the use of the hips and the romantic feel the dance evokes.   Even though
the song is a message of spite and pinning for lost love, I find it sultry and seductive… guess that shows my current love life

3.  Ricky Martin “La Mordidita” (2015)Have you ever had that one song that just forced you to move and shake them non-lying hips like Shakira??  Well this is the song for me.  Welcome Back Ricky!

4.  Enrique Iglesias ft Wisin- “Duele Le Corazon” (2016)The latest release from early 2000 sensation Enrique Iglesias mwisinaking me wish to be at a latin club on a hot friday night!

5.Wisin ft. Ricky Martin- “Que Se Sienta El Deseo” (2015)Another popular dance song for me to groove to on the dance floor!

6.  Prince Royce “Back It Up” –  This song is just a good reggaeton dance song… sound the horns!!

Til next time, Keep it #PopStyle and enjoy these #LatinListens at the start of #Summer16

~Ashlee Dawne
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Syncopated Ladies- When Doves Cry (Viral Video)

Its National Tap Dance Day 2016!!!!

I posted a video of Syncopated Ladies tap dancing to “Formation” by Beyonce a few weeks ago.  I noted how they carried the musicality of the song with excellent tap dance technique, stage presence, entertainment value, and sheer fierceness all while executing a somewhat dying art form (I hate to admit that as tap dance runs through my blood.  But not many people are doing it nowadays).

Well leave it to Chloe Arnold and the Syncopated Ladies to pay tribute to the Purple Majesty himself, Prince, in the best way they know how… with their Art.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you “When Doves Cry- Prince Tribute”

syncopated ladies

~Ashlee Dawne
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Billboard Awards- My 1 Year Anniversary!!

Updated 11:46pm 5/22****I got 8 out of 36 predictions correct….. I am judging myself…. Im most proud of choosing the Top Latin Song correctly though!!  haha til next year!!!


Tonight will mark the 1 year anniversary of the launch of http://www.popstyleblog.com!!!  In May of 2015, I set my sights on writing my first blog post about the Billboard Music Awards and ever since I’ve been writing, commenting, and posting about various things in Pop Culture.  Anybody who knows me knows I am a lover of all things music…. I cant get enough of music award shows so tonight right up my alley.  And the fact it marks 1 year of this new journey is even more exciting!!!

Top Artist: Wrong again
Adele                Justin Bieber                  Drake            Taylor Swift              The Weeknd

Top New Artist: FINALLY I GOT 1 RIGHT!!!
Fetty Wap           OMI         Charlie Puth                  Silentó                    Bryson Tiller

Top Male Artist:  Damn… mixed it up with The Weeknd.. But I stand behind both picks
Justin Bieber             Drake                    Fetty Wap                    Ed Sheeran                   The Weeknd

Top Female Artist:  I really think Selena had a stand out year… shrug
Adele           Selena Gomez                     Ariana Grande                  Rihanna                  Taylor Swift

Top Duo/Group:
Maroon 5              One Direction          twenty one pilots              The Rolling Stones           U2

Top Billboard 200 Artist:
Adele            Justin Bieber                 Drake                     Taylor Swift                       The Weeknd

Top Hot 100 Artist: I can get with this even though I was wrong
Justin Bieber
               Drake               Fetty Wap                  Taylor Swift                      The Weeknd

Top Song Sales Artist: #2 right!
Adele               Justin Bieber                 Drake                        Fetty Wap                      The Weeknd

Top Radio Songs Artist:
Justin Bieber                Ellie Goulding              Ed Sheeran            Taylor Swift         The Weeknd

Top Streaming Songs Artist:
Justin Bieber                 Drake                         Fetty Wap                 Silentó                  The Weeknd

Top Social Media Artist:
Justin Bieber               Selena Gomez               Ariana Grande          Demi Lovato      Taylor Swift

Top Touring Artist:
Madonna                       One Direction               The Rolling Stones               Taylor Swift          U2

Top R&B Artist:
Chris Brown                     Jeremih                   Rihanna              Bryson Tiller              The Weeknd

Top Rap Artist:
Drake            Fetty Wap                Future                Wiz Khalifa                        Silentó

Top Rock Artist: #3!!
Fall Out Boy                Elle King          twenty one pilots        Walk the Moon         X Ambassadors
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“Formation”-tap dance cover by Syncopated Ladies

Beyonce is no stranger to having her songs choreographed too and used for performances, but rarely is there a dance cover that showcase TAP DANCE!!!  Yes!!  FINALLY!!  Tap dancers showing their unique skill, hardwork, musicality, entertainment quality, and value in this world of hip hop covers.  (granted I love the hip hop covers, but can a tap dancer like myself get some love?)  So I present the viral video of Syncopated Ladies cover of “Formation.”


This video went so viral about 2 months ago that Syncopated Ladies were even asked to perform on Good Morning America AND perform in London for the debut of Beyonce’s activewear line Blue Ivy at Top Shop.  I guess it’s better late than never for people to see the worth of tap dancing.  Til next time… Keep it #PopStyle

~Ashlee Dawne
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I salute my #PopMoms on Mother’s Day

The world just celebrated Mother’s Day ….. so happy belated Mother’s Day!!  I honored my own mother through a card, a prayer, a facebook/instagram post, a phone call, and some well wishes (I’ll make it up to her I swear).  All mothers are deserving of our love and honor…. and this is not to exclude those women who have also had a hand in raising, shaping, supporting, encouraging, and inspiring us along the way that may not be related to us.  So we salute the mothers, grandmothers, best friends, aunties, sisters, teachers, mentors….. and here at PopStyleBlog.com I also honor the #PopMoms who have done all those things as well.

I have a few #PopMoms.. NONE of which will EVER replace my real mother (please understand my mom is the best one out there)…. but I wouldn’t feel right without giving them some kind of shout out.  So here’s to:


  1.  Lady Gaga (duh) aka Mother Monster …..for her fearless and courageous perspective on living life as her authentic self.  You inspire me to be brave and bold and also be authentically me.  You are my ultimate pop culture mother figure because I am your Little Monster!!  I am a #Monster4Life because of you and I thank you for giving me a a place to belong.
  2. debbie-allen1Debbie Allen for being an example of black dance, theatrical production, creative endeavors, and humble talent.  You motivate me to take my gift of dance to another level and provide avenues for other children to experience dance the way I have.

  3. Britney Spears.… yes… Britney Spears.  I’ve been a fan since 1998 and I continued to be a fan even through your dark days and times.  But your will to get help and get healthy for the sake of your family anbritneyd overall happiness, and then your pursuit to get back to your art of performing and creating encourages me in my dark times.  We all go through them… but you are an example that you can come out better than you were before.  You betta work Brit!
  4. Angela Bassett…. you are the inspiration for of my body goals!!!  You carry yourself with poise, grace, elegance, and strength that you comAngela+Bassett+Dresses+Skirts+One+Shoulder+r6nf4N_N7d6xmand the room/red carpet/screen whenever you arrive.  Thank you for showing everyone that strength, physical health, beauty, and brains are not only achievable but admired.

  5. Gwen Stefgwenani…. I just think you are probably one of the coolest mom’s I would ever meet.  You have been my #1 girl crush since I secretly started to listen to No Doubt back in high school.  I’ve admired your femininity mixed with your “hang with the boys” confidence.  You know how to rock a runway while remaining chill, cool, vibrant, and down to earth. Thank you showing us girls that we can be one of the boys but still remain a girl.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!! And happy Mother’s Day to my #PopMoms!!  Without them, I would have missing pieces.  Thank you for filling in those parts of me that my real mother whole heartedly and fully supports in her daughter.  LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!  Til next time…. keep it #PopStyle!!

~Ashlee Dawne
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Prince Died-“R U Ok?”

It was 1:20pm on Thursday April 21, 2016 when I saw a text message notification on my phone.  I opened it and my brother had sent me a screenshot of this…..

I screamed out loud.  Mind you, I am a high school teacher and students were still in the classroom.  Here is how the immediate moments played out:

Me:  Drops phone on counter:: opens laptop and scrolls through my twitter @PopStyleBlog account
Student A:  “Are you ok?”
Me: Shakes head slowly as my mouth gaps open… mumbling to myself “Oh my gosh!”
Student B: “Ms. McKinnon are you ok?”
Me: Picks up cell phone and says under my breath “I have to text Khristi.”
Students: (Whispering) “I think she got bad news guys.”
Me: texting best friend Khristi-  “R u Ok?”
Student A:  “Ms. McKinnon what happened? Are u ok”



“What? Oh sorry guys. But Prince died!”

Students: “Who?”
Me: “Prince….. the singer!”
Students: “Oh… the old guy with the hair?”




RIP Prince Rogers Nelson.  The doves in heaven and earth  are crying for you.  (1958-2016) #PopStyle
~Ashlee Dawne