#DadAdvice…lessons taught through #PapaPope words

My dad is by far the best living man I have ever known- he is the standard for which all men are judged.  Some people say we look alike, have the same facial expressions, mannerisms, and blunt honesty.  So in honor of my dad and Father’s Day, I am giving a shout out to my favorite #PopStyle father… the one and only Mr. Eli Pope from the hit TV show #Scandal!!  I have compared my father to #PapaPope since he first appeared on the show in 2013.  And through the use of gifs and pics, you will see the #DadAdvice taught to me by my father, yet eloquently put by #PapaPope….. Enjoy!

Dont Fight the Law:  I tried to go up against my dad one time when I was 16…. 1 time… 1 time!!  Let’s just say I tried to fight the law, my life flashed before me, and the law (my dad) definitely won. 

pape pope 2
A Little Fear Has Never Hurt Anyone:  When I saw this pivotal scene in Scandal season 3, I was 100% positive of 2 things: 1)  I have had this conversation with my dad in some way, shape, or form  2) I believed that is #PapaPope’s  could be the hell and the high water, then so could my father.     hell-or-high-waterMy brother and I have always said that we were not chastised by our parents a lot because we lived under a “healthy sense of fear.”  And as a grown woman living 2 states away from her parents, I still live under that “healthy sense of fear.”  

Work For it!!: My dad is the epitome of hard work (borderline workaholic).  But his relentless determination to simultaneously be in self-practice as a medical doctor for 32 years, a full time pastor fpapa pope 4or 16 years, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a support system to others, as well as, be a professional body builder, amateur landscape artist, tap dance learning, Muay Thai instructing, grill master, and all other endeavors he sets his mind to do is beyond motivating and inspiring.

papa pope 6If you’re not First, you’re Last:  And this is why I have no choice but to get on his level.  Because of the work ethic, drive, motivation, and endless vision my father has for life, I have no choice but to excel beyond where I think I could go, and to never quit… cause a winner don’t quit on themselves. (thanks #Beyonce) 

papa pope 1Put some #Respeck on His Name:  My dad is a true man of honor.  When he walks into a room, people literally turn their attention to him.  He makes friends wherever he goes and his charming personality commands attention and respect.  I remember one time at church (he’s a pastor) I tried to interact with him “commonly” as I had friends visiting… he quickly reminded me “I don’t know who you think I am, but I’m not your friends.  And I will embarrass you in front of them if you don’t act right.”  Needless to say, it was “Yes Pastor, Hi Pastor, Excuse me dad” for the rest of the service.   If you don’t come correct …. he will remind you to do so! 

I love my dad more than I could say so by no means do I think these gifs and pics of #PapaPope fully encompass all that is my dad.  But is it basically 95% accurate??  Ummm…. yes it is!!  Happy Father’s Day Dad… thank you showing tough love on the outside, but sincere love, care, and protection as the motivation.  

Til next time… keep it #PopStyle #DadAdvice #DadLessons #PapaPope #Scandal 
~Ashlee Dawne
@PopStyleBlog on Twitter
@manifested55 on Instagram 


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