How to Get Ready for a Beyonce Concert

Im going to the Beyonce #FormationWorldTour on tomorrow (Friday June 10th) in Baltimore at M&T Bank Stadium with my diva ace/sister Arica.  And when I tell you I am STOKED!!!  I have been thinking about this concert for weeks!  It has kept me going through the 2nd half of my school semester!  Im about to be all #Yonced out!!  So here’s how I’ve been getting ready…

  1. GLOAT!!:  I randomly found a way to slip it in casual conversation that Im going to a Beyonce concert. For example, one said conversation went like this:

           Coworker Friend: Im so mad I cant go to Beyonce friday
           Me: Girl that concert is about to be lit!!  Im so excited!!
           Coworker:  (eye roll) (side eye) (overall hate look)
           Me: Sorry girl.  It probably wont be that good.  But then again it probably will. Shrug

2.  Outfit Selection:  I have gone through multiple outfit scenarios in my mind and have even tried some on.  My sister has sent 4 possible outfits herself for review. Shoot I even spent 2 hours at the mall looking for which Yonce I wanted to be!!  Do I wanna be Party Yonce?  Diva Yonce? XO Yonce?  Partition Yonce? Hold Up Yonce? Halo Yonce? 7/11 Yonce? Formation Yonce?  AAAAAHAHHHHHH!!!

3.  #Earworms and #Eargams:  Beyonce’s music has been on repeat all day and will continue to be so for the 48 hours (yes this means after the concert is over.  That way I can relive the moments on stage)

4.  Bye Family Pics:  I am known for running out of space on phone for having too many videos and pictures.  BUT NOT THIS TIME!!  I am erasing EVERY photo that could be deemed replaceable, unnecessary, bad lighting, or have “aquaintances” in the pic rather than real friends.  Sorry Charlie…. you’re out.. Beyonce is in!

5.  Glamourize yourself:  This stage cant take place until the day of the concert because it includes your hair style, nail polish game, accessory selection, and final outfit touches.  I’ll keep you posted on this.

So for all of you going to the concert, or have been, or will be going…. LET’S GET IN FORMATION!!!!

~Ashlee Dawne
#PopStyle #Beyonce #FormationWorldTour #Formation #Baltimore #Yonce
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@manifested55 on Instagram


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