Syncopated Ladies- When Doves Cry (Viral Video)

Its National Tap Dance Day 2016!!!!

I posted a video of Syncopated Ladies tap dancing to “Formation” by Beyonce a few weeks ago.  I noted how they carried the musicality of the song with excellent tap dance technique, stage presence, entertainment value, and sheer fierceness all while executing a somewhat dying art form (I hate to admit that as tap dance runs through my blood.  But not many people are doing it nowadays).

Well leave it to Chloe Arnold and the Syncopated Ladies to pay tribute to the Purple Majesty himself, Prince, in the best way they know how… with their Art.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you “When Doves Cry- Prince Tribute”

syncopated ladies

~Ashlee Dawne
#PopStyle #popculture #dance #dancerslife #tapdance #Prince #PurpleMajesty #popenthusiasm #tribute

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