I salute my #PopMoms on Mother’s Day

The world just celebrated Mother’s Day ….. so happy belated Mother’s Day!!  I honored my own mother through a card, a prayer, a facebook/instagram post, a phone call, and some well wishes (I’ll make it up to her I swear).  All mothers are deserving of our love and honor…. and this is not to exclude those women who have also had a hand in raising, shaping, supporting, encouraging, and inspiring us along the way that may not be related to us.  So we salute the mothers, grandmothers, best friends, aunties, sisters, teachers, mentors….. and here at PopStyleBlog.com I also honor the #PopMoms who have done all those things as well.

I have a few #PopMoms.. NONE of which will EVER replace my real mother (please understand my mom is the best one out there)…. but I wouldn’t feel right without giving them some kind of shout out.  So here’s to:


  1.  Lady Gaga (duh) aka Mother Monster …..for her fearless and courageous perspective on living life as her authentic self.  You inspire me to be brave and bold and also be authentically me.  You are my ultimate pop culture mother figure because I am your Little Monster!!  I am a #Monster4Life because of you and I thank you for giving me a a place to belong.
  2. debbie-allen1Debbie Allen for being an example of black dance, theatrical production, creative endeavors, and humble talent.  You motivate me to take my gift of dance to another level and provide avenues for other children to experience dance the way I have.

  3. Britney Spears.… yes… Britney Spears.  I’ve been a fan since 1998 and I continued to be a fan even through your dark days and times.  But your will to get help and get healthy for the sake of your family anbritneyd overall happiness, and then your pursuit to get back to your art of performing and creating encourages me in my dark times.  We all go through them… but you are an example that you can come out better than you were before.  You betta work Brit!
  4. Angela Bassett…. you are the inspiration for of my body goals!!!  You carry yourself with poise, grace, elegance, and strength that you comAngela+Bassett+Dresses+Skirts+One+Shoulder+r6nf4N_N7d6xmand the room/red carpet/screen whenever you arrive.  Thank you for showing everyone that strength, physical health, beauty, and brains are not only achievable but admired.

  5. Gwen Stefgwenani…. I just think you are probably one of the coolest mom’s I would ever meet.  You have been my #1 girl crush since I secretly started to listen to No Doubt back in high school.  I’ve admired your femininity mixed with your “hang with the boys” confidence.  You know how to rock a runway while remaining chill, cool, vibrant, and down to earth. Thank you showing us girls that we can be one of the boys but still remain a girl.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!! And happy Mother’s Day to my #PopMoms!!  Without them, I would have missing pieces.  Thank you for filling in those parts of me that my real mother whole heartedly and fully supports in her daughter.  LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!  Til next time…. keep it #PopStyle!!

~Ashlee Dawne
Twitter: @PopStyleBlog
Instagram: @manifested55
#PopStyle #Monster4Life #PopMoms

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