Prince Died-“R U Ok?”

It was 1:20pm on Thursday April 21, 2016 when I saw a text message notification on my phone.  I opened it and my brother had sent me a screenshot of this…..

I screamed out loud.  Mind you, I am a high school teacher and students were still in the classroom.  Here is how the immediate moments played out:

Me:  Drops phone on counter:: opens laptop and scrolls through my twitter @PopStyleBlog account
Student A:  “Are you ok?”
Me: Shakes head slowly as my mouth gaps open… mumbling to myself “Oh my gosh!”
Student B: “Ms. McKinnon are you ok?”
Me: Picks up cell phone and says under my breath “I have to text Khristi.”
Students: (Whispering) “I think she got bad news guys.”
Me: texting best friend Khristi-  “R u Ok?”
Student A:  “Ms. McKinnon what happened? Are u ok”



“What? Oh sorry guys. But Prince died!”

Students: “Who?”
Me: “Prince….. the singer!”
Students: “Oh… the old guy with the hair?”




RIP Prince Rogers Nelson.  The doves in heaven and earth  are crying for you.  (1958-2016) #PopStyle
~Ashlee Dawne

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