Rihanna-CFDA-1TODAY IS RIHANNA’S BIRTHDAY!!!! The Barbados princess is kicking off Pisces Season in the world Of Pop Culture (may I add that I too am a Pisces…. Feb. 27th!!!) Anyways, in honor of the Queen of Ratchet Sophistication and the Leader of the “Free of F*cks” world, I am posting my album review of “ANTI” the latest musical endeavor that dropped a few weeks ago.

Let me start by saying…… CONGRATULATIONS RIRI!!! YOU MADE US WAIT FOR AN ETERNITY TO GET NEW MUSIC AND WHEN IT DROPPED, WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! Seriously!! After the months of rumors and supposed leaks and waiting for those rooms to unlock in her app, we FINALLY hear “ANTI” and it is not everything…. But instead MORE than what we expected!! Here’s why it has become my daily #Earworm for choreographing, cooking, planning lessons for school, eating, and late night romps.

  1. My 5 Favorite songs of the album are:
    1. “Woo”HANDS DOWN!!!! Favorite favorite favorite!! This ish is on RPEAT!! I imagine myself in a dark room with some lava lamps, with some dark liquid in a glass, sitting in an oversized black chair, surrounded by a cloud of hazy smoke and incense… I have so many feels with this song I cant contain in all in writing!
    2. “Love on the Brain”– RiRi got some voice lessons ya’ll and it’s showing on this song! She has a doo-wop, Prince-esque, old school love song feeling to it with the guitar strings being more melodic and her voice being less sultry and more palpable (soft/vulnerable). I’ve actually choreographed a dance to this already and it is a heart wrencher!!
    3. “Needed Me”– When I hear this, I can’t tell if you I’m singing this song to someone in particular or if I am the subject matter of this song (I hope not). Either way I am pointing my index finger strongly in front of me during the whole chorus!! IM TALKING TO YOU PUNK!! (sorry I had a moment)
    4. “Kiss It Better”– Rihanna perfectly mixes vulnerability, heartache, humanity, and sexual energy in this song. If I had an ex who I wanted to take a 2nd chance with, I would play this song right before we met up to “talk.”
    5. “Work”– Well hello there start of summer!! It’s snowy and chilly and cold here on the east coast but I can imagine the pool parties already! And I’m ready for them! This song is even CLEAN, so it can be played for all ages and at backyard barbecues. The clip shown is exactly how I plan to dance at these events too!
  1. RIHANNA IS SINGING MOST OF THIS ALBUM– and she sounds like she’s grown! I’m happy to hear her push through her range, develop better control of her chords, and use more breathe to carry her through high notes in the main 3 ballads of the album… Never Ending, Love on The Brain, and Close to You showcase this artistry growth well.
  2. Choreographically, I can develop an entire production around the themes of her songs on this album. And as a dance teacher of high school students, I am appreciative of this creativity expression that provides such visually captivating and inspiring ideas.
  3. rihanna headphonesNO SKIPS ON THIS ALBUM!!  EVERY SINGLE SONG IS WORTH LISTENING TO!! Her ½ singing, ¼ rapping, ¼ talking at someone specific lyrics, catchy beats, and story telling skills keep you intrigued. I can listen to “ANTI” all the way through without any skips (expect Higher- I don’t necessarily wanna hear that song, but I could listen to it). You can play this in the background while you do just about any activity….. cooking dinner, getting ready for bed, doing work, cleaning the house, stretching, meeting up with a DM, late night rendezvous, etc. THIS ALBUM HAS NO SKIPS!
  4. And lastly, the reason you should listen to this album is because it clearly shows Rihanna’s growth as an artist and the power she has to get and captivate an audience with very little fanfare and over the top entertainment. The only real “banger” she has is “Work” and the rest have a dark, sultry, steamy, chill vibe to them. Nothing overly in your face, but definitely enough to get your attention, make you want more, and keep feigning for it long after she’s move on the next project. ANTI will keep you coming back for more!

So once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIHANNA!!! Thank you for taking bold, courageous, non-f*ck giving, creative, and expressive risks in fashion, female empowerment, sexuality, and of course music. PopStyleBlog salutes you as an honored member of your #Navy.

Til next time, keep it #PopStyle!

~Ashlee Dawne
Twitter: @PopStyleBlog
Instagram: @manifested55
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/1243436522

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