My Golden Globe Choice Nominees


The 73rd Golden Globe’s will airs tonight!! As an avid award show fan I will most definitely be watching. But as a seldom movie-goer I really don’t know the nominees very well. So I can’t actually react and comment on the winners and losers as much as I would for a music award show. 😦  BUT I can send my good luck wishes to certain nominees whom I just personally like….

1) To Lady Gaga for her nomination of Best Performance by an Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture made for television (American Horror Story: Hotel).


Gaga has captivated my attention this season…. Immersing herself in the Countess character and truly making me wish I was a flawlessly aging vampire who can scare, seduce, and entrance you all with the same look.

2) To Leonardo DiCaprio for anything he is nominated for.


I have been rooting for Leo since Titanic so I just want him to win!! From Great Gatsby, Wolf of Wall Street, Gilbert Grape… He deserves a win!!!



To the movie Creed… Sylvester Stallone is nominated for best supporting actor.. but really I just want the film to get its due of credit for being brilliant.

4) To the TV show American Crime.


Gosh!! What I can say about this show? It’s captivating, intriguing, makes you think as a viewer, makes you question your own thoughts, and speak enormous amounts of truth about our society. And with outstanding acting, writing, and depth!!! Its nominated for Best Limited Series for TV, Best Supporting actress (Regina King), And best actress (Felicity Huffman). This show deserves all the publicity!!

Good luck to all my choice nominees!! And join me tomorrow at 8pm on NBC to watch the 73rd Golden Globe Award show. Til next time .. Keep it #PopStyle!

~ Ashlee Dawne
@PopStyleblog on Twitter
@manifested55 on Instagram

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