#Earworms: What I’ve Been Listening to Lately- Nov. 10, 2015

Well PopStylers there has been quite a lull in my #MusicCrushMonday posts… 4 weeks to be exact. 😦 It’s not that I haven’t been listening to any music, or even crushing on any songs/artists.  I just haven’t been able to sit down and right about them.

  1.  All things Justin Bieber!  I am so excited for this #Purpose album to drop on Friday!  I particularly like the newest track “I’ll Show You.” 
  2. Adele’s heart wrenching track “Hello” which leaves me in my feelings for a long time afterward…. sigh…. I just had a flashback… double sigh
  3. Dumblonde’s self titled album.  This duo is made up of Shannon and Aubrey of the legendary girl group Danity Kane.  They have an electro-pop feel through the entire album that makes your earbuds sizzle.  My favorite track is “Waiting on You.”
  4. Newcomer Tory Lanez with his track r&b track “Say It.”  It’s a remix of the song “If You Love Me” by 90s girl group Brownstone.  Check it out.
  5. Off the mix tape What a Time to Be Alive I have made my rounds to “Big Rings” by Drake and Future.  Maybe because Im choreographing it for a class of mine, but it gets me hype to rep my #squad or myself for that matter.
  6. Andy Mineo’s “You Can’t Stop Me.” from his NeverLand album.  Andy Mineoandy mineo is a hip hop artist with christian perspective.  His music hits and speaks the heart and mind, as well as, making you bounce and wild out! (saw him in concert lately and he’s been an #earworm ever since).
  7. Chonique Sneed’s “Let It Go.”  Listen, I don’t know who this chick is but I love her sound!  She’s like a Queen Leshurr mixed with #Leikeli47 (peep my Music Mania post on her) mixed together.  This song hits hard making my neck sore at the end of it!
  8. Halsey’s entire Badlands album!!  Yes yes Im late to the Halsey frenzy but Im glad I arrived!!  “Colors” has captured my ear this week… everything is blue!

~Ashlee Dawne

Twitter: @PopStyleBlog
Instagram: @manifested55

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