#MusicCrushMonday- Oct. 12, 2015

Happy Indigenous People’s Day!!  Welcome to another edition of #MusicCrushMonday!!!  

This week, my shout out goes to a pop star who has been on the scene for a while.  I remember him becoming an #earworm via YouTube back in 2008-ish with the help of a mega R&B mentor.  His puberty falsetto voice and luscious healthy bangs enthralled the Pop Culture world and we swooned over his peppy, catchy, and sometimes irritating melodies and songs.  (But admit it… you sang those lyrics in your car like you were on the Teen Choice Awards!!)  Now 7 years later, this Pop “Baby” has grown into a Pop-Pre-Man (come on, we can’t really think he’s all grown up)…..  This week’s #MusicCrushMonday goes to………     JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!

justin bieber little

I chose Justin Bieber as my pick this week for a few reasons:

  1. justin bieber vma I was very happy to see him return to the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards this August after a 2 year hiatus!  He killed his performance of Where Are U Now and What Do You Mean?

  2. His new song “What Do You Mean?” has become a recent #earworm, as well as, the subject of my newly obsessive dance video in which 5 males are performing choreography to his song on none other than Self-Balancing Segways!!!  (if you have any desire to buy me one…. or donate to my #AirBoardBudget please contact me… Im serious tho!!)   Click on Video below to witness choreography greatness!! 


3.  His leaked #NSFW photos were not that bad actually… I was pleasantly (and slightly ashamed that I was) surprised by the image…. Maybe Justin really is “growing”…. up.

Anyways, I am certainly looking forward to the new evolution and growth of Justin Bieber after his bad boy, immature years got the best of him and took him away rihanna shockfrom Pop music.  Now he is coming back and he has all of our attention…. both visually and audibly.   (Im still in a little shock over those pics- sorry).   Til next time, keep it #PopStyle

~Ashlee Dawne
#PopStyle #MusicCrushMonday #MusicMania
Twitter: @PopStyleBlog
Instagram: @manifested55

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