#MusicCrushMonday- My Sweet Summer

Hey PopStylers!! It’s Labor Day Monday and I’m celebrating by not having school today, eating grilled food, chillin with family and friends, and overall reminiscing on the Summer of 2015.

This was the first summer I did not have to work a 2nd job to stay afloat financially and I am thankful for it! Because I enjoyed every last minute of my summer time fun!!  The song I choose is from last year but its so fitting. A cool piano lick with a synthesized beat in the background that just entices you to reminisce and relax in the last few moments of summer time.  And that’s why, with Labor Day being the official end of summer,

I am making my #MusicCrushMonday…..

Dirty Heads- “My Sweet Summer”


This song lets me remember those random food outings, poolside events, European vacations, endless nights of staying up late and sleeping in even later just because I could, binge TV watching, and quite possibly even summer crushes. 

But now My Sweet Summer is gone…. He left me here with sand in my bed. He played me all night long. But I’d do it all over again.  My summer, summer, my sweet summer is gone.

Stay tuned this Fall for more from the word of Pop and Style!! Til next time….

~Ashlee Dawne
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