Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz Album review- Jedi Mind Trick

Miley Cyrus was the host of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday.  We all knew that when Miley was given free reign to host the show that we could expect both themiley vmaexpected and unexpected.  Almost simultaneously, Miley Cyrus was able to NOT disappoint and TO disappoint…. AND THAT TAKES SKILLS FOLKS!!!  It’s like she’s female Houdini! (Jedi Mind Trick anyone??)

Here is what Miley gave us at the VMAs that made us cringe with guilty pleasure AND with disgust, nausea, and overall sadness for the girl:

  1. The interlude skits with all her rapper friends (Tyga, MikeWillMadeIt)
  2. Her obsession with Instagram
  3. The southern drawl mixed with the ratchet and vulgar language
  4. The half naked/barely there ensembles that she honestly believes looks amazing on her
  5. The immense amount of drag queens she brought on stage to close the show to premiere her new album “Miley and Her Dead Petz”

Miley announced her new album was available for FREE.  In all honesty, her last time “Bangerz” was actually pretty good- solid beats, catchy hooks, high profile collabs with Pharell, French Montana, Britney Spears, Big Sean, and overall a fun/party driven sound.  (yes I bought this album- dont judge me). So being the person I am…. I proceeded to find her new on “Miley and Her Dead Petz” anmiley vma performance 2d give it a listen….. man I wish I hadnt…..

I have 5 questions for Miley which will sum up my review of her newest her:

  1.   Miley…. did you want me to feel like I was smoking the same stash you and Kanye were smoking at the VMAs?  If so, job well done.
  2. Miley…. was I suppose to congratulate you on your vocal progress on this album, or your lyrical composition in the songs?  I need clarity because I dont get it
  3. Miley….. did you give the album for free on your website because you care so much about your fans or because you knew there wasn’t a single person would buy this crap?
  4. Miley….. did you make 23 tracks on this album to pay homage to your first big hit “23”?
  5. Miley….. why oh why did you do this?  You know good and well that people cant stop staring at a trainwreck…. and now I cant stop listening to this trainwreck!!!!  Well played, Miley, well played.  (The Jedi Mind trick wins again)

~Ashlee Dawne
Twitter @PopStyleBlog

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