Where Music Videos Started- MTV we salute you!!

The MTV Video Music Awards are scheduled to air today Sunday August 31st and let me tell you…. I AM SO STOKED!!!

As someone  thoroughly engrossed in the pop culture world, award shows are my bread and butter. They give me a glimpse into the over the top, exuberant, exciting, alter ego world of entertainment that I secretly long to be part of (ok well I guess it’s not a secret now).  And the MTV VMAs are no different… Except for one thing:


Yes, I have stated before that the Grammy’s are the 1 music show I will not miss… But the VMAs are the one music show

that speaks to when music hit the masses. Even though MTV doesn’t actually show music videos anymore in their lineup and its hardly anything but a music video channel, it is still hailed as single handedly bringing music to the masses by airing the first video ““Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles on August 1, 1981. So any channel who pioneers the way for music videos, should be hailed as legend, and so should its award shows!!!!

Every year the MTV VMAs serves as inspiration to me about what to try next in my dance classes, what artist to listen to more, what buzz will be happening among my students. But every year it serves a greater purpose… It reminds us all that without MTV there would not be music videos. So on behalf of all music and music video lovers everywhere, MTV VMAs we salute you!!

~Ashlee Dawne
Twitter @PopStyleBlog

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