My #FriendshipGoals with the Real Housewives of New York City- August 12, 2015

The season 7 finale of the Real Housewives of New York just aired.  I must say, I stopped watching the show when Bethenny Frankel left the show a couple seasons back, but now that she has returned I was all about getting to know the ladies of NY again.  And boy was this season an overwhelming dose of in your face, take it or leave it, this is who I am, smash and grab (or as Bethenny coined “drive by therapy” of fights, cries, makeups, parties, business ventures, a lesson in Girl Code, and #FriendshipGoals!!

In the end, all the ladies toasted glasses at Ramona Singer’s “New Beginnings Party” (basically an excuse to celebrate her soon to be divorce- cue the Taye Diggs voice from the movie Brown Sugar) in spite of their fights both before and during the party itself.  It’s true that these ladies can’t seem to stay made at each other for more than a week or so (1 episode in reality TV land)!  Maybe this is the ultimate pinnacle to reach in your #FriendshipGoals.  Where you can roll it off your back, and pick up from you left off before the crazy feuding, rumors, sleight of hand comments, disingenuous digs, and stream of tears come.

After watching this season of the Real Housewives of New York City, I found myself wondering “If I were on the show, who would I hang out with and who would I clash with?”  So I am going to break down my #FriendshipGoals for #RHONY.

bethenny-frankel-blog-headshotBethenny Frankel
Background:  The spit fire, tell it like TI is (southern talk for ya), brutal honestly, whirlwind tornado of the group.  She has had 2 divorces, a custody battle for her 4 year daughter, a thriving Skinnygirl brand, her own talk show, and spin off show.  She is newly returned to the cast after a long hiatus.

Our #FriendshipGoal:  Don’t ask for her advice unless you’re ready to listen because you know she will give it to you straight no chaser whether you ask for it or not because she loves you.  I would definitely be friends with Bethenny.  I am here for her!  Everything she does leaves me in side splitting tears, shock and awe embarrassment, or a little bit of both and I love it.  I would always invite her to my parties, bring her to the family barbecue, and definitely vacation.  She’s the type of friend who you know supports you and will help you get your “poop in a group” even if it feels like a drive by shooting to your ego and soul.  But deep down, she loves you and wants nothing but happiness for you.  She would be the “Ride or Die” of my group.

ramona-singer-blog-headshotRamona Singer
Background:  Ramona is a fast talking, wide eyed, business woman with True Faith Jewelry and a wine company.  She is currently going through a nasty divorce which has left her pretty floundering considering she was always o co-dependent on her husband.

Our #FriendshipGoal:  To have as little contact as possible in order for me to keep my sanity.  Ramona is like that friend you have that is needy and has to be the center of attention because they secretly have low self-esteem and finds it hard to stand on their own without the validation of others.  I am not that kind of person and can’t stand to spend tons of time around people like that.  So Ramona would be the “If nobody else is around” member of my group.

sonja-morgan-blog-headshotSonja Morgan
Background:  Sonja recently settled her lawsuit for a 7 figure amount.  She is known to flaunt money around (even though she claimed bankruptcy), and have like 30 interns working for her (even though nobody knows exactly what she does).  However, she did produce a fashion line this season that didn’t have a really clear vision but apparently is being sold on line.

Our #Friendship Goal:  To nod your head and smile because it’s impossible to keep up with this chick.  Sonja is like a Monopoly game.  Sometimes she seems to be chillin near Connecticut Avenue, slowly moving towards Indiana Avenue, and before you know it she was passed go twice, bought Park Place and owns the deed to your house on Marvin Gardens.  What?!!!?  Sonja makes moves but it’s always on her own timing and with as little information to spare as possible.  So just get in the car and go along for the ride.  She would be my “Well dang I wasn’t expecting that, but I pleased” friend.

kristen-taekman-blog-headshotKristen Taekman
Background:  Kristen had a very quiet presence this season.  She stayed out of the center of drama, in the shadows of peace, and tried to assert herself more when people used her as the scapegoat.  Kristen also became more involved in her charitable efforts, started a nail polish line, and formed stronger bonds with the ladies.

Our Friendship Goal:  To also be there for her because she will be there for you.  Kristen is a sweet girl who doesn’t have much going on.  Therefore, her level of self-centeredness and drama is much lower than some of the other ladies.  She does not have a predetermined reputation or a reason to always put on a front.  In fact, she doesn’t have much going on at all except just being present.  She would be my “Should we invite Kristen too? Sure why not” friend in the group.

dorinda-medley-blog-headshotDorinda Medley
                Background:  Now I don’t know much about Dorinda.  She was new to the show this season and seemed to get along with just about everyone.  She loves shopping, high priced teas, and dirty martinis.  She also has a very independent spirit about her 3 year relationship with her boo John.

Our Friendship Goal:  Always keep something in your mind for small talk.  Dorinda did not strike me as being someone I would vibe with well.  She also didn’t strike me as someone that I would not vibe with at all.  I wouldn’t have a problem being her friend, but if there were only 3 seats in the car on the road trip, Dorinda would be a filler to the car in case someone else dropped out.  So in the case of an emergency, Dorinda and I could carry on a conversation at a party and make it work.  She would be my “Shoot the Shat With” friend in the group.

heather-thomson-blog-headshotHeather Thomson
Background:  Heather introduced more of her clothing line this season called Yummy.  Her jeans were everywhere this season.  She also began giving all kinds of advice and Iyanla Vanzant type metaphors to everyone, whether they asked for it or not.  Heather is a cool chick with a very down to earth personality so she fits in anywhere.  But sometimes, her strong personality and very self-assured confidence comes off as being intimidating to others and not welcomed.

Our Friendship Goal:  Know who I am and everything will be like silk.  Heather is a very cool, laid back, who I would go cruising in the car with the windows down and listen to Lady Gaga, Nine Inch Nails, Alessia Cara, Janelle Monae, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and Geto Boys “Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta” (check out the link to my post on #MusicCrushMonday here).  She would definitely be my “Down for Whateva” friend in group.

luann-de-lesseps-blog-headshot-v2Luann de Lesseps
Background:  Luann is the “prestigious” one of the Real Housewives of NYC.  She holds the title of “Countess” because of her former marriage to royalty, and she’s not afraid to remind you of that.  She loves to travel, eat expensive things, double air kiss the cheeks of the who’s who in every social circle, and make pop music singles (anybody remember “Money can’t buy you class”)?

Our Friendship Goal:  Be cool… Don’t be all like uncool.  LOL I had to throw that one liner in as she coined the phrase this season.  But seriously, I would have to remind myself to be cool… or more than likely just be cordial.  Luann loves to hear the sound of her own voice and the so called wisdom of her own advice.  She loves to dish it out,  but definitely can’t take it as she runs from confrontation.  She thinks if she smiles, uses big words, and reminds everyone how she’s had so much life experience due her former lavish lifestyle that people will bow down to her.  Well I ain’t the one.  So this friendship probably won’t go anywhere.  She would be my “Oh great Luann is coming (cringe face)” friend.  We all have one.

carole-radziwill-blog-headshotCarole Radziwill
Background:  Carole is an acclaimed author who plays a pretty neutral role among the ladies in NYC.  She has built and attained a lifestyle that she can manage and loves to live.  She is super comfortable in her own skin and achievements, rarely if ever comparing herself to the other women, their marriages, or children.

Our Friendship Goal:  Keep me on speed dial!  Carole is close friends with both Bethenny and Heather which only makes sense that I see myself as being a close friend of hers.  Carole is cool as a cucumber, so much so that sometimes her mouth doesn’t fully open when she talks.  BUT, she is so confident and relaxed in who she is as a person, that you can’t help but want to be around that energy.  Aside from Bethenny being my “Ride or Die,” Carole would also be a ride or die friend, but also the “Goals” friend.  She’s the friend you want to have your life look like when you grow up.  The friend who you want to emulate.  The friend you always want in the room so you are not the smartest one there.

So there you have it folks…. My #FriendshipGoals with the Real Housewives of New York City.  Out of a cast of 8 ladies, I have 3 besties and 3 standbys.  Enough to make a road trip happen in reality TV land.

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Til next time….. Keep it #PopStyle

~Ashlee Dawne

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