#MusicCrushMonday- Geto Boys (August 10, 2015)

Welcome to another week of #MusicCrushMonday where I bring you an artist/song that has recently become my #earworm.  This week I think I was influenced a little by the soon to be released film “Straight Outta Comptom,” which features the 90s hip-hop iconic group NWA.  This throwback to 90s hip-hop when “music was music” has been the subject of my music library lately.  Therefore, I name this week’s #MusicCrushMonday as…..

THE GETO BOYS (circa 1991)geto boys

Yep that’s right.  The Geto Boys are this week’s #PopStyle #MusicCrushMonday.  Better known for their hit “Mind Playin’ Tricks on Me” I was happily reminded of this group when I was watching the 90s cult movie classic “Office Space” (please Netflix this if you haven’t seen it already- it’s hilarious!)  In the movie, the Geto Boys have about 3 songs on the soundtrack that play oh so perfectly with the situational humor of the main characters Peter, Michael, and Samir.  The thing that makes the Geto Boys chilled vibed street reference filled rap lyrics so catching is that they seamlessly fit into everyday suburban and urban life, as evident in the movie.  In the clip below, you will see Peter (under the influence of hypnosis) begin his journey of complacency and “I don’t give 2 cares” about my job as the Geto Boys song “Damn, it feels good to be a Gangsta” plays ever so gently in the background, perfectly framing how every mid-level corporate employee feels on dress down Fridays.

Office Space clip: Geto Boys “Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta.”

Enjoy the throwback feel of today’s #MusicCrushMonday.  And remember…. you too can feel like a Gangsta.  Till next time… Keep it #PopStyle

~Ashlee Dawne
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