Project Runway Season 14 Premiere Episode- “Bitter Sweet Critiques”

PROJECT RUNWAY IS BACK!!!!! projectrunway I LOVE me all of the fashion making, Mood fabric buying, shady diva dressmaking, faux pas blundering, and runway wowing that comes with every season of Project Runway.  I have been watching the show every year it has aired (including PR AllStars and Project Accessory) and have definitely let it influence my own perspective of fashion and the aesthetic that I dress in.  I like to call my style “Comfy yet Collected”- meaning well put together outfits that allow me to move freely and keep me looking professional.  Im a dance teacher people- so I need my leggings and boots to look suitable in the studio as well as happy hour.

Anyways, after watching tonight’s season premiere of Project Runway Season 14, I have to say my excitement began to wane just a little bit. (not much just a little bit).  From the initial preview of the 16 chosen designers, nobody stood out as a favorite or “wow” factor.  Granted #DesignerEdmond is cute and has tried out for the show every single season, while #DesignerAshley has the purple hair and ambition to change the plus size clothing world.  Also #DesignerMerlin seemed todesignerashley sing her way through her work process (annoying both the other designers and myself through the television), and #DesignerBlake was just way to full of himself saying to the judges “Im always a high score” (when he was most definitely in the bottom- as he should be.”  In the end, #DesignerAshley won the first challenge making a solid separates outfit that fit her model well.

But the real winner of tonight’s episode is the one and only Tim Gunn.  Tim serves as the mentor to the designers on the show and delivers each week’s challenge.  His critiques before the model fittings were a mix of bitter and sweet.  He was serving #realtalk to the designers and proving that nothing shabby is going to slide through this season.  Some of his best lines were:

“It’s like going on a long camping trip and not bringing any toothpaste or shampoo!” (referring to the 3 designers who did not bring any of their sewing materials with them… smh)
“Everyone in this workshop should be nervous!”
“Finish this as beautifully as you possibly can, because that’s all that’s going to save you. Wow.”
“A lot of you have a lump of coal up your rear ends.  You either need to get that
lump of coal out, or turn it into a diamond.” 

I will still be tuning into episode 2 next Thursday at 9pm on Lifetime, but I hope thtimgunne designers bring home a real win, rather than getting shown up their long term mentor.  Make It Work!!! 

Til next time… Keep it #PopStyle

~Ashlee Dawne

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