#MusicCrushMonday Alessia Cara- July 20, 2015

Sorry for the late post Pop-Stylers.  The day got away from me so my post is a little but nonetheless here is another edition of #MusicCrushMonday.


I recently was introduced to a song called “Here” Alessia Cara on the local hip hop radio station. And let me tell you this song brings all the feels to life! This song has a sultry dark beat with undertones of whispering melodies that entice the listener to go deeper into the rabbit hole. 

Watch “Here” now

“Here” is a song about a girl who doesn’t want to be part of the crowd of distant, non-personal, self involved people and instead would prefer to be in her own corner until she’s able to leave this place and retreat to her own thoughts. 

So take a listen to this track and add Alessia Cara to your summer nights playlist. Enjoy!! Until next time…. Keep it #PopStyle

~Ashlee Dawne

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