Music Crush Monday #MCM- Janet Jackson (June 29, 2015)

In honor of her recently announced Unbreakable Tour, and her appearance on the #BETAwards Sunday night, AND the fabulous dance tribute to her using “Pleasure Principle,” “All for You,” “If,” and “Rhythm Nation.”, AND the fact that she still looks amazing after all this time away from the public… My Music Crush Monday (#MCM) goes to the one, the only….


janet-jackson-behind-the-scenes-of-nutrisystem-janet-jackson-30583471-768-1024 Janet-Jackson-BET-Awards-2015-Pictures

Janet (yes, we’re on a first name basis) has been an inspiration to me since I was old enough to walk!  As a dancer, she has given me move, after move, after hit, after choreography, after style, after dance track, after fabulous-ness through the decades and I AM HERE FOR IT!!!

Janet is one of the last true dancer/singers of her time.  She brings the entertainment factor, the sexy, the stage presence, the drama, the choreography, and the occasion nip-slip/wardrobe malfunction that we all crave from an artist.  She is a true artist.  With her new Unbreakable Tour 2015 starting this fall, Janet is sure to sell out all her stops.  And yes, I plan to be in the building!!

So in honor of Janet on this Music Crush Monday, here are my Top 10 favorite dance tracks from Miss Jackson.  It was hard to narrow it down to just 10 but here goes, in no particular order…..

1)  “If” (Janet)  (I will say this is my favorite track… I have the choreography engraved in my brain!!)
2) “Rhythm Nation” (Rhythm Nation 1814)
3)  “All Nite (Don’t Stop)”  (Damita Jo)
4)  “Throb” (Janet) – Pure dance track with very little vocals. Yes to the sweat will ensue off this track)
5)  “Black Cat” (Rhythm Nation 1814)- I always dreamed of dancing to this on an outdoor stage with pyrotechnics and smoke. 🙂
6) “Control” (Control)
7) “Escapade” (Rhythm Nation 1814)- I memorized the choreography to this so I could audition for my dance studio’s Senior High Troupe for 13 year olds- I was 10 at the time and I got in!  Boo-yah!! (Thanks Janet)
8) “Come on Get Up” (All for You)
9) “Pleasure Principle” (Control)
10) “2nite”(Discipline)- A hidden track on a very disappointing album but this will certainly get play in some underground rave club on a summer night.

Til next time peeps!  Keep Pop in Style!!

~A.D. Mack #PopStyle #JanetJackson #MusicCrushMonday

One thought on “Music Crush Monday #MCM- Janet Jackson (June 29, 2015)

  1. Hereeeyyyy girl!! Love your blog and you know I’m going to support! Love JJ and we have to go see her when she comes to the DMV!!!


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