#MCM: Tori Kelly- June 22, 2015

Good evening Pop Stylers!  Back with another week of my favorite music obsession.  I’ve only been hip to her music for about 1 year now, but I saw her live at the Filmore in Silver Spring, MD and am officially smitten by her talent, innocence, heartfelt lyrics, and empowerment.  I really think you’re gonna like her…..  This week’s #MCM (Music Crush Monday) award goes to…..

TORI KELLY!! tori-kelly-tickets_06-24-15_23_553a90c270cae

Who is Tori Kelly you may ask?  Tori Kelly is an up and coming independent singer/songwriter from California.  She got her start auditioning for American Idol in 2008 and later found Youtube fame through her cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ Bout You.”  Tori Kelly has a very relaxed, coffee shop, acoustic guitar vibe that is not only relatable, but also entertaining and genuinely felt by her listeners.

My first introduction to #ToriKelly was through her song “Dear No One” which talks about desired and hoped for love that is only unrequited because of the physical absence of that special someone, not the actual belief that love does not exist.  A little heavy I know, but there is such an innocent and sweet spirit to her lyrics about love lost and love yet to be found that it’s quite endearing and captivating.

2015 has been a breakout year for Mrs. Tori Kelly.  Not only has she been named KIA’s One to Watch artist at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, but also she will be releasing her first full length album on tomorrow (Tuesday, June 23rd) called Unbreakable Smile.  And let me tell you, this album will pull on your heart strings and uplift your spirits at the same time.  Her concert last Friday at #TheFilmore in Silver Spring, MD gave a nice taste of what Ms. Kelly can do with her vocal range, guitar talent, and lyrical penmanship.  My favorite song of the upcoming album is without a doubt “Expensive”.  I deem this song the new anthem for independence, self-worth, and loving who you are!!  I see great things for Ms.Tori Kelly in 2015!!  Go out and get the album #“Unbreakable Smile.”

Until next time, keep Pop in Style!  #PopStyle #Tori Kelly #UnbreakableSmile

~A.D. Mack

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